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Hillary Has Long Been Complicit in Covering Up Bill’s Affairs

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Published on: May 7, 2016

According to key Impeachment witness, former president Bill Clinton “had affairs with ‘thousands of women’ – including a SECOND White House staffer – and Monica Lewinsky’s life was in danger.”

Linda Tripp, the woman who exposed Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinski, which led to his 1998 Impeachment trial, attests that Hillary knew her husband had multiple affairs while he was president. And, Hillary, “made it her personal mission to disseminate information and destroy the women with whom he dallied.”

Hillary was lying then, and is lying now. 

Tripp told investigative radio reporter Aaron Klein that said she went public about the Lewinsky-Clinton affair to save Lewinsky’s life. Tripp was worried that Lewinsky’s life was in danger– from Hillary Clinton.

Tripp argues, Hillary is misrepresenting herself as “a champion of women’s rights worldwide in a global fashion, and yet all of the women she has destroyed over the years to ensure her political viability continues is sickening to me.”

Tripp explained to Klein that she gave the recordings of Lewinsky conversations to independent counsel Kenneth Starr, because she felt both Lewinsky’s and her life were in danger. She told Klein:

“I say today and I will continue to say that I believe Monica Lewinsky is alive today because of choices I made and action I took.

“That may sound melodramatic to your listeners. I can only say that from my perspective I believe that she and I at the time were in danger, because nothing stands in the way of these people achieving their political ends.

“Had it not become public when it did… We may well have met with an accident. It’s a situation where unless you lived it as I did you would have no real framework of reference for this sort of situation.”

Tripp argues that:

“everyone knew within the West Wing, particularly those who spent years with [the president], of the thousands of women… This was a pattern of behavior that has gone on for years. And the abuse of women for years.

“So it was common knowledge, let’s put it this way, within the West Wing that he had this problem. It was further common knowledge that Hillary was aware of it.”

Doesn’t sound like much has changed since 1998.

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