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Hillary-Tse-Tung Scrapes Bottom in Ethics by Using Child to Promote Agenda

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Published on: January 8, 2016

Pandering by both political parties is common to see who can outdo who in gaining the support of minorities or an identifiable group. This practice has become so commonplace among politicians over the years promises and rhetoric spewed is ignored by many. The American public watches as ever increasing pandering tools are used and tried; however, there has always been an unspoken rule between the parties and politicians when it comes to using children. Whether it is a candidate’s children or children in public, the use of children in pandering has been off limits until Hussein Soetoro and his “anti-gun” campaign publicity stunts where children are placed in the background while he talks garbage to pull on the emotional heartstrings of America.

Not to be outdone in any arena, Hillary Clinton has resorted to using children to pander to women voters who are feminists. This isn’t the first time Hil-Tse-Tung has resorted to pandering, flip-flopping or any number of wiggling political tactics to swing voters in her direction. She flipped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). She has learned Spanish. At times, she tries to talk with an overly exaggerated Southern accent — a true Southerner knows a fake accent when they hear one. And, in the ever “keep it alive” supposed “war on women,” she has staunchly supported victims of sexual assault, claiming all women should be believed except for those women who have accused her husband, Slick Willy. The use of children brings Hil-Tse-Tung to a new low not seen before in politics.

Included with her tweet proclaiming “Olivia joins the volunteer team at HQ,” a one-minute video showing Olivia writing a letter to the female Mao declaring herself to be a little feminist fighting for equal rights, giving support to sodomite marriage by expressing joy at “gay marriage being legal in all states,” and growing up in a home with two dads. Due to her dyslexia, Olivia attends a special school for the learning disabled.

For those reasons, Olivia supports Hillary because she believes the Democratic front-runner will embrace child feminism, gay parents and special schools. Also, she tells viewers she’s very happy same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, which lets viewers know Clinton is glad too — even though the candidate was opposed to its legalization only a few years ago.

Pandering does require a bit of historical revision, y’know?

Both sides have engaged in exploiting children unscrupulously for political purposes, which is nauseating in and of itself. With Hil-Tse-Tung now using children to make her campaign’s talking points and using this child as a “volunteer,” she has stooped to the lowest point in the political campaigning arena. Democrat, Republican, left, right, liberal, conservative, independent or any other “partridge in a pear tree” political designation should be ashamed for using children in any manner whatsoever. It’s disgraceful, tasteless, and robs children of their innocence as they can only recite political diatribe and rhetoric until reaching a certain age to understand it. One might consider it child abuse when looking at the extent to which these children are victimized.

We’ve all seen the children paraded out in “sexually provocative” attire at sodomite parades twerking vulgarly while adults ogle them. Progressive liberal campaigns have used children in commercials, videos, and pictorials expressing messages filled with vulgar, foul words they don’t understand and many parents would discipline their children for restating. Kids have been used to hold signs with hateful messages directed at certain candidates and groups.

The “right” has used children as well in an attempt to score points. Everyone is familiar with C.J. Pearson, the 13 year-old who achieved fame with his YouTube presentation ranting against Hussein Soetoro. Completing a brief association with Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, Pearson quickly flip-flopped from bashing Hussein Soetoro to supporting Bernie Sanders, gun control, and Black Lives Matter. Another “teen” sensation, Jonathan Krohn, received almost overnight fame after writing a best-selling book on conservative principles in 2009. Like Pearson, Krohn quickly reversed in position in 2012 to become a freelance agent for left publications such as Mother Jones.

While conservatives become enamored with “teen” pundits achieving superstar status, it should be first and foremost on our minds these individuals are children with fleeting fancies that change as quickly as the weather. Children are ill equipped to handle the sudden onslaught of public scrutiny, life in a fishbowl so to speak, by virtue of their age. As these children give a boost to our own hopes in seeing young people of another generation embrace our values, we need to refrain from promoting them, bringing the public spotlight to shine on their life through our advocacy for their position, and instead, protect their innocence. A teenage may think they are an adult; but, as adults that passed our teenage years, we know in our heart they are still children. All children deserve a childhood, which we should fight for despite their insistence otherwise.

Olivia is the latest child victim to be used for political gain. For Hillary, Olivia is a political fantasy come true — she’s learning disabled and attends a special school; she has two dads instead of being in a traditional family; and, she identifies herself as a feminist while being in the third grade. Clearly, someone has coached this child to use for an agenda. Ruthless Hil-Tse-Tung has no problem taking advantage of this by having Olivia work in her HQ calling voters.

Does anyone actually believe Olivia chose all of these viewpoints independently? Does anyone believe this child was able to make a clear decision to work on a political campaign at her age without a push? Do you know any children her age that bring up political issues like this?

Most children her age talk about their friends at school, their favorite TV shows, what they like to do, subjects in school they dislike, what they are good at and which teacher is their favorite.

It’s a dangerous, slippery slope this nation descends if we condone political advertisements and campaign stunts that victimize children in this manner. Regardless of party, candidate or agenda, the use of children in political campaigns or bringing any child into the spotlight in political campaigns should be stopped immediately, since it is a form of child abuse. Children need adults to protect them, nurture them, and guide them, not use them for their own amusement and gain. Adults have to set the example for children in moral values and principles so they become hard working adults possessing the confidence to do great things.

The most important teaching adults can do for their children is biblical instruction in God’s laws and the greatness that is achieved when serving Him. Adults, though, have to be living what they teach. If not, the child will learn hypocrisy and fall victim to those who would use and abuse him/her for an agenda.

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