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Hillary’s Poor Health and Odd Behavior: Massive Cover-Up Continues

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Published on: August 20, 2016

Leave it to the ‘presstitutes’ at the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, otherwise known as MSNBC, to debunk the “myth” about Hillary’s health issues live on air with authoritative “medical expert,” Charlie Pierce. On Morning Joe, Charlie completely debunked all claims that Hillary has health issues of any kind. Leave it to MSNBC to start using game show panelists as “medical experts” now.  They have no shame.

MSNBC asks all 3 of their viewers to forget about the fact that Hillary has not held ONE press conference in the year 2016. Why?? They’d also like you to forget about the “seizure-like episodes”that have been caught on camera when she has been stopped to answer question. They’d also like you to forget the fact that a Secret Service agent has said Hillary’s campaign has made a$500,000 investment for disability access for when Hillary travels, forget about the mysterious agent who follows Hillary around carrying a syringe and tries to calm her down when necessary, or that she referred to Trump as her husband recently while speaking… After all, it’s easy to see how such a small mistake could occur, right?

Thankfully, Americans aren’t believing the typical mainstream media liberal nonsense, and a majority of Americans polled want to see Clinton’s health records disclosed. Here’s the problem: It’s not like she won’t have them doctored to say what she wants them to say… so why even waste the time? Watch all the video on her and make your own judgment. There are plenty of links after the most recent video from Paul Joseph Watson.

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

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