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Hollywood Sexploitation Revealed: Why Now?

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Published on: October 19, 2017

While some of the newsworthy items covered over the last year have been a long time coming (as in welcomed by many), as I intimated here last week, some of them were bound to give rise to some apprehension on the part of the public simply due to their scope.

Obviously, Donald Trump being elected to the presidency last November was one of these. Another is reflected in a preponderance of establishment Republicans having proven themselves to be closeted socialists; as a result, the GOP is now at war with itself. This manifested chiefly in the lack of cooperation between Republican lawmakers and the president, which gave rise to the galvanizing of conservative activists to combat them.

Another story that’s gotten major traction: Despite the widespread inculcation of racialist doctrine and intimidation to which the American people have been subjected, their response to escalating instances of grandstanding by race-baiting agitators has become increasingly intolerant (and when I say “intolerant,” I mean that in a good way). This has been evidenced by public blowback following uninformed, disrespectful activism on the part of Colin Kaepernick and those who’ve chosen to emulate him, and the National Football League’s abysmal handling of the situation.

Finally, we have the recent Hollywood sex scandal eruption, which began with allegations in a New Yorker exposé that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein committed sexual harassment against actresses and females in his employ over a period of decades. While a few in the entertainment industry have queued up to defend Weinstein or to conceal his alleged crimes, these have been few and far between compared to those who are coming forward with horror stories related to his acts, as well as a culture of sexual predation within the movie industry.

Additionally, since Weinstein is a Democrat mega-donor, not only have his donations to certain powerful politicians come into question, but so have the close relationships of suspected Hollywood sexual predators and powerful Democrats, a few of the latter being suspected or established sexual predators themselves.

I was both shocked and appalled when less recently, several prominent former child actors revealed the widespread sexual abuse of child and teen actors in Hollywood. More shocking and appalling than the fact of this phenomenon was that widespread investigations were not initiated in light of it. After all, there were highly-publicized congressional hearings over content (profanity, misogyny and such) in the recording industry in 1985, and others over a few Major League Baseball players using performance-enhancing drugs in 2005. Did the institutional practice of Hollywood power players raping children not merit something similar?

The scars such abuse leaves on a child can be all but indelible; concerning some of the disgusting accounts of rape, sodomization and other acts related by these former child stars, it is highly likely that this resulted in much of the dysfunction they experienced in later life. Had we as a society become so inured to the existence of pedophilia, I wondered, that we could give such atrocities a pass?

During the former administration (which gave implied license to all manner of subversive activities across several sectors), Barack Obama was once heard publicly lauding the efforts of Hollywood in setting a moral tone for the nation, so it stands to reason that this would not have been a period of moral reckoning. What currently puzzles some observers however, is the fact that the Weinstein affair has catalyzed a tsunami of indignation on the part of Hollywood insiders with regard to the sexual culture of their industry. Typically, those on the left are well-practiced at keeping their mouths shut and “taking one for the team” if it means furtherance of the leftist agenda at large (such as prominent feminists remaining silent as regards the left cozying up to notoriously misogynistic Islamists).

This has obviously not been the case concerning those in Hollywood who have elected to reveal their sexual exploitation at the hands of Hollywood bigwigs and even prominent actors. The number of well-known and well-loved movie industry icons coming under suspicion of sexual misconduct is increasing almost daily, despite the fact that for decades, it has been the practice of the press and Hollywood to systematically bury such stories.

One explanation might be that while most Hollywood celebrities are notorious lefties, they are not political ideologues in the same sense as Gloria Steinem or Al Sharpton. It could be as simple as these performers having grown sick of the dysfunctional status quo that has been in place in their industry for so long.

We know that the leftist agenda is antithetical to the sanctity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Whatever dynamic is driving performers to reveal their experience with sexual exploitation in Hollywood on this scale and at this time, it’s clear that like many who voted for Trump last November, quality of life – or a deficiency therein – is the common denominator.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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