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Hollywood’s Abominables Now Want To Move Out From The Mess That They Have Created – Hypocrites!

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Published on: August 20, 2020

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” -Galatians 6:7

There is a brand new report that Hollywood’s stars, as they liked to be called, are now beginning to up and move out from Hollywood, California.

If anyone is paying attention, then you can see this for what it is; and that is that they are moving out from the mess that they are responsible for creating (Galatians 6:7).

REPORT: Rich And Famous Leaving Hollywood ‘In Droves’ Over Unrest, Taxes

Nobody has been allowed by the people on a global scale to poison the planet more than Hollywood and its corrupt, immoral, and even abominable conduits (Matthew 23:3).

Do these people really believe that they are not going to reap what it is that they have sown? If I take an apple seed and plant it into the soil, what I ask will it reproduce? An apple tree, of course. I cannot take an orange seed and plant it into the soil and expect an apple tree, can I? Of course, not! Yet, these people expect to do so.

They plant seeds of corruption (1 John 3:4) such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, murder, theft, witchcraft, etc. and wonder why the state of Hollywood and the country has become corrupt (1 Corinthians 6:9).

Just look to the seeds that are being planted because that will be the harvest that you will reap not only individually but also nationally and globally.

There is a true story told of two men who thought it would be okay to break the law and go duck hunting two weeks before the season opened. They took with them a retriever, a brand new truck, decoys, plenty of ammunition, and a couple of sticks of dynamite. When they first arrived at the lake, they noticed a big problem…the lake they chose was frozen over.

One of them had a great idea. He would go to his truck, get a stick of dynamite, and then blow a big hole in the middle of the lake, throw down the decoys and then have a hay day shooting all the little duckies. So, he did just that. He went to his truck, pulled out the stick of dynamite, lit the fuse and then threw it right smack in the center of the lake.

However, he forgot one thing… his retriever was there. As faithful as he was, he ran after the stick of dynamite, put it in his mouth, and then ran toward his owner. The owner, in fear of being blown up, grabbed his rifle and began shooting at the retriever in hopes he would not come back to him. The retriever was scared away and ran right under the brand new truck…… Friends, this does apply to each and every one of us.

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