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Homofascists, the Professed Church & City Leaders Join Hands Against God & Country Event

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Published on: June 13, 2015

We told you about an event that Brian Klawiter, owner of Dieseltec, was going to host in Michigan this week featuring Bradlee Dean and Coach Dave Daubenmire following his comments of what he would and would not tolerate in his place of business. Well, after some initial trouble in scheduling the event, it did, but the forces that turned out were nothing short of the very reason of why our country is in the mess it is in.

The school district attempted to intimidate Klawiter out of the event. They were not only going to charge him $1,200 to rent the facility, but they also were going to charge him another $2,800 in additional security fees in hopes that he would back out.

Liberty Counsel’s Richard Mast wrote a letter to the school district informing them that they would be violating the law if they pressed the issue.

Referencing the school district’s letter, Mast told Sons of Liberty Media, “It was clearly calculated to keep Brian and Bradlee from speaking.”

“So, we sent them a demand letter informing them that they don’t have the authority to assess those additional fees and they backed down,” he said. “They were attempting to suppress speech by claiming a nonsensical fear of protesters rampaging and destroying in response to their speech.”

“Simply put, the District may not create the conditions for “disruption” to occur, and then cite those conditions (or the alleged “controversial” message of a speaker) as the grounds for charging an excessive fee, or threaten to cancel the event, if the fee is not paid,” Mast wrote to the school district. “The United States Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutional a security fee scheme that, like the one imposed by the District, varied with the content of the speaker’s message.”

He then gave them twenty-four hours to confirm that fees would not be assessed.

Of course, the district’s attorneys complied, but said they weren’t actually doing what they were clearly doing. Read the letters for yourself here, here, here and here.

On Thursday evening, hundreds gathered at the Jenison Center for the Arts for the event, both those who support Brian and those who protested. And let me give you fair warning that the videos below do contain profanity from the protesters who were constantly interrupting what the speakers were saying.

Several local news outlets were on hand, and, of course, many of them attempted to paint the event in a bad light and focused more on the protesters, who were made up of open sodomites and the professed Church, than on what the event was actually about.

Yet, it was the constant barrage of outbursts by protesters that was incredible. Here, take a look for yourself at a couple of them. There were many more (Warning: Language)

There were a couple of incidents, such as this one:

The Sons of Liberty Radio show host Bradlee Dean told Sons of Liberty Media, “I have never seen anything like it.”

“It was literally the authorities playing out the narrative together with the protesters,” he added. “It was the sickest thing I have ever seen.”

Dean referenced several instances of outburst, some in which the authorities who were on hand just let continue without settling the protesters down. In some cases not even acknowledging the speakers requests for them to do so.

Klawiter confirmed that the officers on hand failed to keep the peace and uphold the law.

“I went to each of the officers individually and told them they were a disgrace to the uniform for not upholding the law,” he told Sons of Liberty Media. “I also spoke to the police chief and told him the same thing. He then told me that the prosecutor’s office told him to do absolutely nothing.”

However, Klawiter did say that the police did do one thing – they checked every law abiding gun owner’s ID as they came into the building. “They were worried about the guns, not the protesters.”

Coach Dave, who drove five and one half hours to speak at the event issued a letter to a local newspaper in Jenison. He wrote, “We knew the potential for volatility was there because freedom of speech, particularly as it is related to homosexuality, is an emotional issue.  But the purpose of the 1st amendment is to ensure that both sides of the debate have the opportunity to be expressed.”

“That was not the case last night,” he continued. “The free speech rights of the citizens of Jenison were stolen from them by an unruly mob who showed up in support of homosexuality.  I was unable to make my presentation because throughout the entire meeting the homosexual mafia, interrupted, shouted down, and loudly cussed at the speakers.  This was all done with the approval of the police department and silent support of Superintendent Tom Tenbrink and many of his administrative team.  Ask any adult who was in attendance, who had their right to hear taken away by the mob, about the vulgar, reprehensible behavior of the mob and the police and school administration’s willingness to allow free speech to be trampled.”

“When I personally appealed to Superintendent Tenbrink and to the officers in the room to please help bring calm and order so that the taxpayers in attendance could have their right to listen be unimpeded, Mr. Tenbrink said that it was a “public meeting” and they couldn’t do anything about it,” he added. “Not one officer, nor any of Jenison’s administrators said a word to any of the students.  By their silence they gave approval to the anarchy displayed in that room.”

Surely when public meetings such as school board meetings and council meetings take place the yelling of vulgarities and outbursts would not have been allowed to stand. However, lawlessness abounded on Thursday.

The woman who organized Jenison 4 Love, Julia Paige, seemed to speak calmly about her disagreement with Klawiter and referenced the event as a “good thing for the community.” However, during the middle of their dialogue, she told on herself as being a sexual deviant. The woman who goes by Juliea Doulia on YouTube said that not only is she married, but she cheats on her husband with other women (Pick up her comments around the 3:45 mark in the video below). Is this really what Jenison wants to promote? I’ll remind you that sodomy (crimes against nature, and yes, it applies to women also) is still against the law in the State of Michigan.

Superintendent Tenbrink communicated to me that he has been a Christian for 50 years and that Jenison is a “Christian community.” Why then, would the school district not encourage a “Christian message”? Why would the school district also feel obligated to allow those participating in criminal behavior (sodomy) to rent their facility for the promotion of what is unlawful and to use that to redefine marriage? Superintendent Tenbrink would not answer that direct question.

However, in the end, Klawiter says it all was worth it. He said that once the media moved out and no attention was to be gained by protestors the whole dynamic of the event changed.

“We were sharing the gospel… It was awesome,” Klawiter said.

Klawiter has received death threats to burn his house down with his family inside, had his business vandalized and been demonized in the media. But, unlike a lot of Christians who have taken a stand and later retreated, Brian has stood firm. He needs our support and prayers. Let’s stand with him!

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