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Homofascists Will Target Tax Exemption Next

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Published on: July 5, 2015

As I heard the Supreme Court’s decision on sodomite unions, I wondered what their next goal is.  I have, for many years, recognized that the sodomite agenda was no more than a hammer to bash the Church.  Its goal has little or nothing to do with rights.  At the heart of these people’s desire is the abolishing of the true Church.  I thought at that moment that the next thing was to be taxes.  It was not long, and my thoughts were confirmed.

Fusion reports:

It’s difficult to see how the nationwide legalization of gay marriage could have any kind of significant negative repercussions for anybody who’s not gay. Difficult – but not impossible. Because now that the US government formally recognizes marriage equality as a fundamental right, it really shouldn’t skew the tax code so as to give millions of dollars in tax breaks to groups which remain steadfastly bigoted on the subject.

I’m talking, of course, about churches.

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Now, besides the fact that this is merely a sodomite, angry at the church and seeking to get some revenge, we must recognize that there is something to Felix Salmon’s argument.  He makes a few points that we should look at.

Salmon writes:

It’s abundantly clear that religious institutions have no right to tax exemption. Most famously, in 1983, Bob Jones University lost its tax-exempt status when it continued to ban interracial dating.

Now, of course, this is not the first we are hearing of the Bob Jones case.  It was a case in which society was moving faster than a few older men.  They should have never upheld that ban on interracial dating.  They did, and the government did the only thing that it could, it strong-armed the University.  Was there really a right side here?  Well, yes, the interracial couples who wanted the right to both attend the school and date one another.

Salmon does have this point.  If we, as the Church, come asking the government’s approval as a religious organization, then you must concede that they are your true master.  There is no law that protects the Church from losing its tax exemption; therefore, it is given at the behest of the government.

Salmon continues:

The same argument can and should be applied to gay marriage. If your organization does not support the right of gay men and women to marry, then the government should be very clear that you’re in the wrong. And it should certainly not bend over backwards to give you the privilege of tax exemption.

Once again we are faced with forced compliance.  They will make it too costly for us to be nonconformists.  If we disagree with them, they will penalize our businesses.  Then if we refuse in our churches, they will tax our property.  But the issue is really out of Salmon’s realm of understanding; not that he lacks the intelligence to understand.  The problem is perspective.

If we were discussing a social club or a group meeting to play cards, then his argument might be valid.  But we have to ask one simple question to find that there is a fundamental difference between these groups and the Church.  Why do we pay taxes?

The simplest answer is that we pay them because this taxation provides for our protection.  When a business owner pays taxes on his building, vehicles, and equipment he does so because he recognizes that the local, state, and federal governments provide him the protection needed to operate in peace and safety.  The business owner has also operated at the will of the government.  It is not the same for the Church.

The Church has its basis in something other than the government.  It has not come about at the protection or will of the government.  The local, state, and federal government is not the source of the Churches rights or existence.  And it seems we will soon see that it will continue to operate with or without government consent.  For me, it was a foolish thing to seek tax exemption in the first place.  If they want our land, brick and mortar, then let them have them.  We may find that returning to the underground to worship might make us more thankful.

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