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Homosexual In England Takes Sixty Three Year Old Man And Repeatedly Rapes Him In Horrific Torture

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Published on: April 30, 2016

Yet another horrific story that reveals the evil of homosexuals has occurred. The sodomite, Adam Beeney, coerced a 63 year old man to come to his home, where he repeatedly raped him. Take a look at this deviant’s face: he looks like the typical sodomite you see out in public:


This deviant has been sentenced to just six years in prison. Thats it! Just six years. I say the authorities must take this deviant and put him to death. But this will not happen because England has become a cesspool of deviancy, just like most of Western Europe. Absolutely disgusting. As we read in one report:

A 22-year-old man has been convicted for raping a man more than three-times his age in what the victim says was a “terrifying ordeal” committed by a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Adam Beeney pleaded guilty to raping the 63-year-old man who suffers from depression and schizophrenia after meeting him at a bar in Bristol on September 1, last year.

He was sentenced to six years in prison at Bristol Crown Court today, after admitting to two counts of rape.

Beeney, of Bristol South End, Bedminster, went to the BSB bar on the Waterfront with a friend, at 4.34pm where they met the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

After several hours drinking, Beeney coerced the victim to go back to his house where he undressed him and raped twice.

The 63-year-old alleges that the 22-year-old subjected him to two other sexual assaults and performed a sex act in front of him. Beeney denies these charges.

Sarah Regan for the prosecution told the court that the victim was a “vulnerable man” who had been living in supported accommodation for more than ten years.

In a statement given to police, the 63-year-old said he asked Beeney to stop several times and told him that he was in pain.

He continued: “I didn’t know what to do, and I was petrified that if I didn’t do what he was telling me, I would get beaten up.

“He just kept doing what he wanted to do to get his satisfaction and that was it.

“When he had enough of me he chucked me out.”

You want homosexuality in your society? This is what you are going to get. Follow the Scriptures, governments! Outlaw and annihilate these sodomites before they outlaw you.

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