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I Hope He Stays – The Longer Obama Stays Around, the More America will Learn

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Published on: November 8, 2014

In the same spirit of love for America that compelled Rush Limbaugh to famously state, “I hope he fails!“, my plea today is, “I hope he stays!” Driven by a love for America, I pray our blessed nation regains its strength.  So, I hope Obama remains in Washington, DC, for many years after his term officially ends in 2016.

Why? Because Obama will never accept or admit he is wrong. His extreme narcissism will drive him to stay in the public spotlight, just as a moth is uncontrollably attracted to a light bulb.  

As a result, he will unwittingly serve as a constant, visible, irritating reminder to all Americans that progressivism sucks. The longer Obama dwells, the more America will learn. If the mid-term election results of 2014 don’t convince you, perhaps nothing will.

Unfortunately for America, Obama has not failed. He has achieved most of his radical goals. Ironically, the quickest way for America to reverse the massive damage Obama and the Democrat party have inflicted is for Obama to stay in the public eye. His presence will constantly remind voters and non-voters alike of the regulatory hell and economic carnage he and his party produced.

Obama is a closed-minded narcissist. He is a hardened ideologue in the mold of President Woodrow Wilson.  He will not budge off his beliefs. He will not compromise. He simply can’t stop lying, deceiving himself or others. Because of these hard realities, the more Obama remains in the public eye, the more he awakens sleeping Americans and inadvertently reminds the world of the policy failures and societal damage his beliefs created.

My dearly beloved Mother often told me, “Honey, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” During his first six years as President, “Professor” Obama has delivered to many ignorant Americans the most expensive education in world history.  Only time will tell if we, as a nation, have grasped the essential lessons about the failures of progressivism and collectivism. This is why Rush said he hoped Obama would fail.  He knew his policies couldn’t work. They never have.

We can only hope Obama’s constant public presence will serve as a continuous reminder to the world of the rotten fruit his non-American, unconstitutional ideology produces.

To speed America’s recovery, more Obama, please!


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