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Horrors Start Right Out of the 2015 Gate

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Published on: January 8, 2015

Given the abundance of material at hand both grave and newsworthy, there are two issues I decided to address this week. There was quite a buildup in the news cycle going into the holidays with the anticipation of a new Congress; many eyes were on President Obama, wondering what regulatory and executive measures he might squeeze through before the end of the year.

As we have seen, unfortunately some were not spared from the ugliness and contention of issues that captured our attention prior to the holidays. Moving forward, there is only the promise of more ugliness and contention both at home and on the world stage, as we witnessed with the horrific Islamist attack on a French publication this week.

Black groupthink and orchestrated racial tension

I have to say that America’s liberal power brokers must be laughing their derrieres positively off at the gullibility of black people in this country. I’ve spoken (perhaps ad nauseum) to the fact that black Americans have been very effectively manipulated by said liberal power brokers, but when one sees the readiness with which blacks embrace intellectual mediocrity, self-destruction, hatred and the most transparent of lies, sometimes it is difficult to be sympathetic.

My esteemed colleague at WND, Mychal Massie, penned a scathing piece this week entitled “It’s time for Al Sharpton to go,” which had to do with that self-appointed spokesman for all black Americans. You’ll get no argument from me as regards Sharpton’s sins contained therein; the man always has been and remains a disgusting individual, a determination at which I arrived when I still resided in our common stomping grounds of New York.

What’s more disgusting (and I believe, part of the reason for Massie’s conclusion) is the fact that Sharpton has been validated for so long – not only by the brainwashed inner-city numbskulls who don’t know any better, or by the liberal press, which is agenda-driven – but even by so-called media conservatives who, by giving him face time, have cemented his dubious place in history.

Because in addition to being odious, dishonest and self-aggrandizing, Sharpton isn’t even that good at what he does. He’s marginally literate, belligerent and aesthetically repellant. The fact that he can get more than half a dozen individuals to march through the streets of New York calling for the death of police officers is testimony to the wretched state of blacks’ awareness in general.

Still, as I mentioned last week, the lies concerning racial components to the Brown and Garner cases that so angered blacks have been promulgated by much heavier political players than Sharpton, although he has been a prominent participant. There is no question that the widespread racial tension we are witnessing is being orchestrated by the Obama administration itself, and we must be prepared to apprise our fellow Americans of this fact whenever possible.

The conservative challenge to Speaker Boehner

Despite Rep. John Boehner having retained the speaker’s gavel for the 114th Congress this week for his third term as Speaker of the House, I found it very gratifying that so many rank-and-file Republicans rallied to oust him. Even though he did win, he sustained the largest defection of support for a House speaker since 1923.

I believe this was well-deserved considering that Boehner had the temerity to mock members of his party who gave the GOP their historic majority only a month earlier and endorse the “Cromnibus” bill that fully funded both Obamacare and Obama’s illegal amnesty for illegal aliens.

The fact is, however, that Boehner still won. Although 25 GOP lawmakers did not vote for him, my question is: Why so few?

If you and I are aware of the extent of the Obama administration’s criminality, it certainly stands to reason that Boehner and many of his fellow lawmakers are as well. Thus, their willingness to play politics as usual amounts to criminal complicity. This, of course, was the genesis of the challenge to Boehner, and the root of the anger and dissatisfaction amongst those who helped to initiate that challenge.

The fact that only 25 Republicans voted against keeping Boehner as speaker is very much indicative of the culture of corruption that exists in Washington. So many of us witnessing the advance of the Obama agenda have wondered time and again, with each audacious landmark he reaches, when the so-called opposition (Republicans) will determine that he has gone too far, and that the obsequious grins and political gamesmanship must be laid aside to save this nation from utter desolation.

Sadly, I’m afraid the answer is: Never. It is quite possible that enough GOP lawmakers are so compromised in one way or another that there will never be numbers sufficient to manage this creature who plays president in front of the cameras, but who is a manifestly evil despot behind them. We’re playing for keeps, but they’re either on board with the agenda, or they’re pretending they don’t know this to save face and their coveted positions. Should we manage to weather Obama’s presidency to its end without some incomprehensibly destructive orchestrated crisis materializing, the RNC has none other than the RINO progressive elite Jeb Bush locked and loaded, ready to fire down the throats of Republican voters next year.

Or perhaps the cult of personality will win the day again, and we will see the porcine Hillary Rodham Clinton as our celebrated first female president. In either case, the political games will continue, as Marxists in the Democratic Party and progressives in the Republican Party deftly manage the decline of America and the usurpation of our liberties.

If Obama is any indicator, however, they’ll be doing it in style, which, if you haven’t noticed, counts for a lot these days.


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