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Houston Queer Mayor Stands Down on Subpoena after Her Lawlessness gets National Exposure

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Published on: October 18, 2014

Just two days after it was reported that city of Houston Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker and her city council had subpoenaed the sermons and communications of area pastors following the city ignoring the law regarding a citizens’ initiative against their lawless “bathroom bill,” the Mayor has stood down on her subpoena.

KTRH reports:

Houston Mayor Annise Parker is doing damage control after national media picked up on her subpoenas targeting local clergy who protested her equal rights ordinance. 

The mayor says the subpoenas were too broad, and should not have included actual sermons.

“It’s not about what did you preach on last Sunday,” Parker told reporters Wednesday.  “It should have been clarified, it will be clarified.” 

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Parker wasn’t the only one doing damage control. City Attorney David Feldman was also in damage control mode.

Feldman attempted to tell Fox News’ Todd Starnes that Parker knew nothing of the subpoenas until Starnes broke the story. He made no mention about not knowing about the subpoenas himself.

Yet, according to the KTRH report, Feldman says he didn’t review the subpoenas before they were issued.

“When I looked at it I felt it was overly broad, I would not have worded it that way myself,” Feldman said.  “It’s unfortunate that it has been construed as some effort to infringe upon religious liberty.”  

Feldman is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Before he made the above statements, he told Starnes, “They are not party plaintiffs, but they certainly appeared before council repeatedly regarding the ordinance and the petition.”

“This petition was organized at the churches,” he added. “That’s where the organizing drive took place. That’s where rallies were held. That’s where signing parties were held.”

There is no question that Feldman is trying to deflect from the obvious national attention this story has brought on the city of Houston and the lawless actions of the city council and the mentally ill mayor.

As was reported yesterday, area pastors openly blasted the Parker administration and the city council over what they believe are unconstitutional overreaches against them. As Bryan Fischer has pointed out, the subpoena was clearly an attempt to intimidate and interfere with the religious consciences of the pastors, who were not even a part of the lawsuit against the city. He went on to demonstrate how it was a clear abuse of power by the city in violation of the Texas Constitution.

However, their backing down from their earlier subpoena (and don’t tell me that Feldman and Parker didn’t know what was in the subpoena), doesn’t mean they are through with their attacks. They are merely regrouping for another round.

“It should have been clarified, it will be clarified,” Parker said.

Keep in mind that Parker tweeted out her threats against the pastors on Wednesday:

Actually, they aren’t fair game Ms. Parker, but the lawless actions of your city council are. Following the tweet, she said that she had changed her mind.

It would be a bit comical for the pastors to throw the often touted myth of “Separation of Church and State” in the face of these liberals.

I’m anxious to see what the pulpits in Houston declare this coming Sunday. Hopefully, the spirit of the Black Robed Regiment will once again be raised and the Word of God will be proclaimed boldly and without apology.

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