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Houston Reporter: FOX Is “Muzzling” Me & Others – & I’ve Got The Proof! (Video)

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Published on: June 15, 2021

A local FOX reporter in Houston, Texas took an opportunity to spill the beans on how FOX has been “muzzling” her and her stories, as well as others.  However, she didn’t just make an empty claim, but says she has evidence, which she will be turning over to Project Veritas to expose.

Fox 26 Houston reporter Ivory Hecker claims the FOX network sought to “muzzle” her and others in order to push the narrative they wanted to push.

On Monday, Hecker said that “Fox Corp. has been muzzling” her and otherss “to keep certain information from you, the viewers.”

“I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox,” she said, pointing to Project Veritas.

RT reports:

The material is supposed to be published by the outlet on Tuesday.

Project Veritas published the clip, as well as some extra footage, showing one of its journalists, Christian Hartsock, talking to Hecker, at what seems to be the same location she was giving her live report from.

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“They sent a reporter out there. They don’t like what that person said. And they turn around and punish the reporter,” she said.

Does that make any sense? No. But I guess I am supposed to know the narrative and stick with it instead of sticking with the facts.

Project Veritas made its name by secretly recording people in various industries, including the media and Big Tech, and using their words to claim systemic bias against conservative voices in America. Critics accuse it of using sleazy tactics and deceptive editing of its tapes to make their case.

After Hecker made the allegations, the group’s name trended on Twitter, which Project Veritas hailed as yet another success. Its own Twitter account had been suspended in February “for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy.”

However, Mac Slavo questions whether or not the claim that the media is keeping things from people is a psyop due to the fact that video of Ms. Hecker remains up and in full swing.

He writes:

Never stop asking questions.  Could this be another psyop to continue to divide? The fact that they haven’t removed the video where the report announces the network prevents her from sharing the truth is telling, considering they ban people for much less.  The mainstream media allowed the segment to go on without cutting it, which has also been done before. That raises a big red flag.  There are still a lot of questions and few answers.  We already know the media lies to us. We already know the system is a scam. So what’s really going on?

Ask the questions, use critical thinking skills and discernment, and stay alert. This feels like the beginning of something and not the end. Stay prepared both mentally and physically to the best of your ability.

Well, we already know what the woman said is actually a true statement concerning Mockingbird media outlets.  The question is, what is her evidence?  We’ll see soon enough.

UPDATE:  Here’s the Project Veritas release.

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