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How a Son of Slaves Freed an Entire People

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Published on: November 3, 2015

Moses was born a Hebrew, but Pharaoh sent out a decree for every Hebrew baby boy under the age of two to be killed. So, Moses’s mother and his sister Miriam hid him in a basket and sent him out into the river. While Moses was floating on the river, his sister was watching him to see what would happen to him. Pharaoh’s daughter went into the river to bathe and she found the basket and found the baby boy.

Pharaoh’s daughter took him as her son and he was a Prince of Egypt.

One day, Moses saw a slave being beaten and he stepped in and tried to stop it. While he was trying to stop it, Moses got very angry and killed the Egyptian taskmaster. Because of this, Moses fled from Egypt and dwelled in the land of Midian. While he was in Midian, he took a wife. Her name was Zipporah.

One Day, Moses went on a mountain and saw a burning bush that was not being consumed, and God spoke to him out of the flames. God told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go.

Moses went to Egypt and told Pharaoh exactly what God had told him to say, but Pharaoh did not listen to the Lord’s command. So, God turned Moses’s staff into a snake, but even with this, Pharaoh did not listen. God sent ten plagues upon Egypt and still Pharaoh did not listen.

The final plague was that every firstborn of Egypt died. Finally after that, Pharaoh let them go.

Moses led God’s people to the mountain of God, but the people complained for water and food and even rose up against Moses. Moses struck a rock and God brought them water, but the people still complained for food. God, in His faithfulness, gave them manna, as well.

Moses led the Children of Israel to the mountain of God and Moses went up into the mountain and was there for 40 days and 40 nights. While Moses was up there, God gave him His Ten Commandments.

While Moses was on the mountain, Aaron made the children of Israel a golden cafe because the people rebelled against the Lord. They made a “god,” or idol, to go before them.

When Moses came down from the mountain, he was so mad that he threw the Ten Commandments down on the ground. When he did that, the ground split apart and those who were not on the Lord’s side or who rebelled against God, died.

Moses was the Lord’s servant all the days of his life and he faithfully obeyed His commands. However, one time Moses disobeyed the Lord by striking the rock that came forth with water rather than speaking to it, so God did not allow Moses to enter into the Promised Land. Joshua did that. God called Moses home, but Moses was a man who knew the Lord Face to Face.

That’s awesome!

All Scripture referenced is found in the book of Exodus.

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