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How to Stop the Shutdown Madness

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Published on: May 26, 2020

A lot of people have been harmed from the shutdown, and the legal Constitutional government has been very harmed by the shutdown. I have previously written articles about many of the problems with the shutdowns. In my previous article: I have shown how it is harming us in Minnesota. ,

I have also written articles on how the government has cooked the books to make things look worse than they are. In this article, I showed how they are making it seem as more people have died from COVID-19 than actually have.

If you are interested in the bad science that has been used to manipulate you, read those articles. However, at some point, people need to look in the mirror and ask themselves some questions. Look yourself in the eye and be honest. Have you made things worse or better? Has your obedience, made things worse?

Adolf Hitler had no power without the people that obeyed him. Hitler could have killed no one if they would have put him in prison where he belonged. Look yourself in the eye and ask, would you have obeyed Hitler? Would you have praised Hitler? Would you have been deceived by Hitler? Look at your obedience to the COVID-19 economic destruction to determine your answers. Be honest with yourself as your future depends on your ability to honestly evaluate your behavior and character. If you do not like what you see, you need to change.

The reason I use Hitler as an example is that he was adored by the people. Look at his rallies, the people liked him. At the beginning of the atrocities that occurred in Germany, many people could not believe Hitler would allow such things. However, Hitler and his followers caused many atrocities.  Some of those atrocities are still harming us today.

One of the ways we are still harmed by Hitler is that after the war, the United States used Hitler’s doctors. Those doctors had been experimenting on people in the concentration camps. The United States failed to understand that a corrupt process creates a corrupt outcome. Viewing human beings as lab rats, and doing forced medical experiments on them is wrong. Bringing those evil doctors to the United States and attempting to benefit their wrong, was wrong. Over time, those doctors have polluted the medical community in the United States. 

Sure, your doctor seems like a nice person and so is my doctor. That does not prove that they always do what is good for us. They hope the drugs they prescribe us are safe, but even if they do not admit it, some drugs they give their patients, do hurt their patients. Search “avoidable medical mistakes” and you will realize a lot of harm is done in the attempt of helping people. My point is the COVID-19 economic destruction is hurting people and many in the medical community refuse to admit it. To stop the shutdown madness we need to show people they have not been told the truth. People need to stop obeying and therefore, harming themselves with their own obedience. 

Here is an example in history that shows doctors have horribly harmed their patients. Thalidomide is a drug that was developed by the German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grunenthal in the 1950s and marketed it as a mild sleeping pill safe for pregnant women. The problem was it was terribly unsafe. It caused horrible birth defects. 

Here are some links that go into details of the harm that was caused.

I normally do not include this many links in my articles but there is a purpose in this. United States doctors did prescribe this harmful drug that hurt their patients. The United States doctors may have not known that it was invented and manufactured by a doctor that worked for Hitler in his concentration camps. The United States doctors not knowing about the Nazi connection did not prevent the harm. Study these links, it is what helps you to start thinking for yourself.

Obviously, the doctors, who are causing the COVID-19 economic destruction, are not the doctors that prescribed the Nazi doctor’s drug. However, they may be guilty of a similar crime, the crime of being ignorant of the harm they are causing. Look around, do they seem to understand the COVID-19 economic destruction is caused by the lockdown and not COVID-19? If we want to stop the shutdown madness we need to stop believing people just because they have a government title instead of actually knowing what they are talking about. Knowing you are wrong is the beginning of learning to be right. 

Here is another example where doctors and the United States government caused more harm and hurt more people from their reaction to fear than what the cause of the fear would have harmed.    

Back in 1976, the United States government freaked-out over the swine flu. They told us we were all going to die if we did not take the vaccine. The Center for Disease Control said the vaccine was safe. As is common, the vaccine they tested as safe was not safe, and it was not even the vaccine they gave people. They tested one vaccine, but gave the untested vaccine to the people. Watch this Mike Wallace 60 Minutes report that shows the people hurt by the vaccine.

You need to learn that obeying a fool is being a fool. The doctors giving this vaccine to their patients thought it was safe, but these doctors were wrong. Just like the doctors today think they are helping people but they are destroying people with the COVID-19 economic destruction. Economic destruction is like cancer, the longer it takes you to realize you have it, the more it will hurt you. It may even kill you. I have friends that were fine one day and dead a few weeks later.

Most people today are faking informed. They claim they are informed like the people who took the vaccine that hurt them. They were given a consent form. They did not read it. They would not have understood it if they had read it. Yet, they claim to have been informed. Once the vaccine hurt them, or may hurt you, you cannot always undo the harm. Look at those videos, realize that can be you. You may take a flu shot today and be fine, but you can get a bad one. It can happen to you. 

My toughest job in teaching survival is getting people to let go of, “it cannot happen to me.” Yes, it can, and there are still drugs being sold today that can hurt a pregnant mother’s unborn child. Think of the thalidomide, in exchange for a promise of morning sickness relief, those mothers gave their children a lifetime of misery and pain. Learn from that yourself. Do not cause harm because you do not know. Do not blindly believe people, learn to be smart. Learn to think and then do so. 

Arrogantly parroting what the government and their accomplices in the mainstream media say is not being informed. Laughing at what is labeled a Conspiracy Theory does not prove a person is intelligent. It may just show the person is part of the Mindless Masses, repeating what they are told is true, without knowing if it is true. 

The reason I loaded this article with so many links is to show you there are two sides to a story. The Nazi doctor making obscene wealth from a dangerous drug would today be labeled a Conspiracy Theory, and yet, it is history, not theory. Proven fact, real victims, real harm, not Conspiracy Theory, shameful crooks shutting down the exposure of their evil.  Today, screaming “Conspiracy Theory” causes most people to turn on the victims, as the public turned on the victims of the Salem Witch trials. Study the Salem Witch trials, the public went insane and killed innocent people out of fear.

What are you? An intelligent person who looks at a situation realizing that the government has lied or been wrong numerous times throughout history so that you should be skeptical of anything they say today? Are you the government-controlled, manipulated into believing what they want you to believe? I am skeptical of Conspiracy Theorists and I am skeptical of government-controlled people. I evaluate both things to determine reliability. 

Frankly, I find the government-controlled people the most irritating. I try to be patient. However, most of the mindless masses are just not teachable. There are no legitimate basis for the mindless masses’ beliefs, other than they have heard it from the media and they have been trained to believe. At least the Conspiracy Theorists usually have something in their past where they were harmed by the government. They have a reason to believe the government would do horrible things.  Even if what they believe is untrue, their distrust of the government is true.

Over the years, there have been numerous times when it was unpopular to stand for the truth. Back when I was sitting on a government board is one such time that comes to mind. One of the people that gave me the most trouble eventually changed from a big government man to fighting for small government and local control. I once helped finance him in one of his efforts. I never mentioned our former days on the government board until one day he thanked me for helping him and apologized for the trouble he caused in the past. I thanked my friend for the apology and told him I always believed it was wrong, as a result of our decisions, to put our government boot on someone else’s throat, even if the boot was on our foot, and not our throat, it would be wrong. 

He said when we had the power it was hard to understand the harm caused by that power, but he was glad that I was always trying to warn us of that. I always voted for the citizen’s benefit, not the government’s. I do not mention this because I did something special. I did what once was expected, it only seems special because abusing power is so common now. I mention it to call on you to speak out against abuses of power wherever you see them, and to show it is worth the effort, even if it does not look like it is worth it at the time. 

We need to recall all the elected people who were wrong and supported these unlawful shutdowns. Find a recall effort in your state and join it. If there is not one, start one. You need to teach the elected people there are consequences for their actions. You must hold them accountable. If you do not, the next shut down may destroy you.

At times like this, you cannot be like everyone else unless you want to suffer like everyone else, so think for yourself. Once you have learned, pass it on.

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