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How to Survive COVID-19

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Published on: March 30, 2020

The current situation has a lot of people frightened. It seems as if we have gone from the land of the free and home of the brave to becoming the land of the fear and home of the slave. I have been trained in survival by the Army and the Air Force, and with many things in life, I went from student to teacher.  While people sometimes confuse what teachers are, many of us are sharing what we have learned while we are still learning. An important thing to know in survival is that you are constantly learning.

You need to learn what the danger is and how to protect yourself from the danger. That can change. An example was when I was in the Army we went out into a desert type of environment. The average temperature was around 110 degrees so many people were focused on the heat. Focusing on the heat was not a bad thing, as it was hot and no water could cause death. However it got cold at night, and those that did not bring their field jacket, went from struggling with the heat to struggling with the cold. The point is you need to think past the moment and the current situation. Knowledge is important.

This applies to COVID-19, you need knowledge or you will be in trouble. As with my example of only thinking about the heat, so that some were not prepared for the cold, if you only think about getting ill, you may be surprised by other problems that cause you more problems than getting ill.

Illness is like fear, in and of itself it is not a bad thing. I remember one time when I was repelling down a tower. My wife saw a picture of me going out the door and she could tell I was afraid. I told her how it surprised me that it took me 10 feet down the wall before afraid turned to fun. The fear was a good thing. When I looked out the door and saw how high in the air we were, I made sure my harness and ropes were secure. I stress the word I. As in I did not expect someone else to make sure I was safe. I checked my own ropes. Of course, we checked each other, but in the end, if you hit the ground, you will be breaking your own neck, not your buddy’s neck. A brave man is just someone who did the job in spite of his fear.

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That was a long way of saying to take ownership of your survival. In this COVID-19 situation, many people are looking to the media, and the government to tell them what to do. Bad idea, how do you know they know what they are doing? An important thing in survival is evaluating your information. As with my dessert survival example, if your only information is the heat, you are going to be in trouble when it gets cold. Same thing here, we need to take what we learned elsewhere, and learn to apply it here, think of it as Cross Learning.

How do we apply that to COVID-19? Well, the media is in the business of selling themselves. CNN, Fox News, take your pick, they get paid if you listen to them. The best way to get someone to listen to you is to tell them what they want to hear. A true friend will tell you what you need to hear. The media wants to sell advertising, yes some want to push a liberal agenda, but that also is pleasing their employer. It is different for them than it is for me, I write what I want, or I do not write. They please their boss or they do not work. So you need to filter the information with that in mind. My goal is to get people to think because it is a better world when people think.

When you hear about the death rates for COVID-19 you need to ask, what kind of people died. Were they healthy people? I was in a store the other day, and I took a good look around, and I was stunned. I realized that most of the people in that store could not have survived a swift walk to the car. If they got COVID-19, or died from COVID-19, would it really be a reflection of my risk level? I watched one person, who was probably 100 pounds overweight take a break on the way to their car to smoke a cigarette. I may be in my 50s but I have an average blood pressure of 110/70. That is a good number for young people it is a great number for a man my age.

I understand poor health, I once had poor health. Many years ago when I got out of the military I had a lot of health problems. I know what it is like to lay in a hospital bed begging God to help you breathe. My point is good health is a journey and the sooner you start on it, the better chance you have of getting there. When I finally could breathe again I lost 30 pounds. That made my knee surgery and hip surgery unnecessary. If you want to know how COVID-19 will affect you, look in the mirror. If you do not like what you see, do not consider it a death sentence. Consider what you see in the mirror a message of what you need to do. Change is up to you.

As I said, Illness is like fear, in and of itself it is not a bad thing. Illness, if you heal from it, makes you stronger. Yes, if it gets too bad it scares up your lungs, but if you are in good health, getting the flu protects you from the flu. The military used to vaccinate me for everything they could think of. Aircrew used to get everything. Most of the people in the squadron still got the flu. As an Emergency Medical Technician, I still see the same thing, people get the vaccines and people still get the flu. Sometimes vaccines seem more like a religion than science. People believe what they believe, not necessarily because they have studied the issue.

I consider a vaccine like getting a shot that prevents me from exercising. If they could give a shot that would make walking and eating healthy unnecessary, would you really believe it was better? Remember, the Doctor needs an income, is what he is selling good for you, or good for his income. People just assume the Doctor knows. The fact is they get very little training in nutrition and vaccines. They are telling you vaccines are good because they have been told vaccines are good. Very few Doctors know if vaccines are actually good. I have read a lot of medical journals and have read a lot of studies, you get a very different opinion if a vaccine has caused you harm. Remember take ownership of your survival. Some day they may want to sell you a vaccine for COVID-19, if you take that vaccine and it hurts you, you may not be able to undo the hurt. Look into the issue. The pharmaceutical companies have special rights from the government. If the vaccines were perfectly safe would they need special legal rights?

My agenda is not to sell you a vaccine or sell you on the idea of not taking a vaccine. My agenda is getting you to think. A world where people think is a better world. As I said in my last article, people need to learn how to make good decisions. A Doctor obeying the medical board does not make what the Doctor tells you a good decision. What is the information the Doctor relied on? If the Doctor is only relying on the information he got from the pharmaceutical salesman, do you really consider the Doctor informed? There are numerous examples were Doctors thought they were doing good but they really were doing harm. Some people will say if I do not tell you what those things are you should not believe me. They miss the point. Go research those things. You need to learn things for yourself. I have learned a lot from teaching because I research what I teach. is a good place to start. I say start because if you read his sources you learn a lot more.

In survival, it is important to not put yourself in more danger than you are already in. Think of my example at the beginning of this article of surviving in the desert. If you panicked because you were hot, and you tried to run away from the heat, you would just die tired. COVID-19 is no different. Others may be panicking, but you do not need to join them. The country’s reaction to COVID-19 may make things worse than if they had done nothing at all. Time will tell. A friend of mine lived through the first depression. He died a month before he turned 90 years old. When I think of the things my friend told me about the first depression, I am more concerned about surviving the economic problems caused by the COVID-19 than surviving COVID-19. That may be a subject for a future article.

I will leave you with this. The most important part of survival is your attitude. If think you will die, you probably will die. If you think you will survive you probably will survive. Not because it was so, but because you made it so. When I mentioned my being in the hospital many years ago begging God to help me breathe, at one point it got so bad that I just kept saying to myself, my mind makes me well. I just kept thinking it over and over again. I did it to push the bad thoughts out of my mind. Do not be a slave to fear. Take ownership of your survival, COVID-19 or whatever comes your way, you can do more than you think you can do. If you are unhealthy, get healthy. No matter how bad it is, you can always make it better. If all you can take is one step, take that step, and then ad one step every day. Do that until you can start running. You can do it. Your mind does make you well.

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