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HR 280: The Concussion & Education Awareness Act – Undercover Citizen Tracking

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Published on: February 13, 2019

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, today’s look into yet another concerning federal bill, we’ll understand how Congress is going to use sports-related injuries for even more citizen tracking. How will this affect education? Let’s see.

Meet HR 280, the Concussion and Education Awareness Act:

Warriors, this bill has been introduced and is in the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep. Beatty (OH) is the sponsor, there are 36 co-sponsors. Both Republicans and Democrats are supporting this Bill. The co-sponsors are from TN, FL, IN, SC, MO, TX, VA, GA, IL, MS, CA, LA, NJ, MA, NY, CT, and NC. If you’d like to see which Representatives from these States are standing with Rep. Beatty, go here.

Rep. Beatty’s view on education? “As a former college administrator, I wholeheartedly support high quality education, from pre-K through college. Our nation’s elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions provide the next generation with the much-needed skills and opportunities to compete in the 21st Century economy.” (source)

HR 280 is 11 pages long. I’m sure you’re as curious as I am as to why a concussion bill is in an energy and commerce committee. Rep. Frank Pallone is the chairman of the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee. (I just wrote about his educratic bill, HR 260)

Warriors, look below and we can see the answer to the question as to why HR 280 is in the Energy and Commerce Committee:


So, what DOES HR 280 say? What will this Bill accomplish?

1) Congress has realized there’s no comprehensive data tracking system for concussions and other head injuries from sports-related injuries among our children. So, HR 280’s the solution. While we DO need to help prevent concussions and head injuries, I’m not sure nationally data tracking is the way to do this.

2)  From Page 3, the data tracking for ALL youth groups in sports and recreation.natacadgates.jpg
The link to the Gates Foundation grants for the National Academies is here.
To learn more about the National Academies, visit this link.

3) Large scale collaborations will be implemented both in data gathering and research. These groups will include (but are not limited to) national sports associations, State high school associations, appropriate trainers associations, federal agencies and other stakeholders (parents are named here). Changing the elementary culture’s norms, values, behavior, and attitudes about concussions and head injuries. (Should changing culture really be inserted in a federal bill? Sure, raising awareness about injuries is a need, but the kids’ behavior, values and attitudes?? You know what this means, right, Warriors?
Another component for SEL, Social Emotional Learning.)

4) Page 4, sets up the national surveillance of data rape. Look what federal agency is in charge. Notice the ‘OTHER federal data collection efforts’, too.

Why only 5-21 years? Why not all ages? Concussions and head injuries happen at any age. Yes, we do need to prevent head injuries, but, again, federal control and legislation?!

5) Research on our youth will include ‘best practices’ and ‘evidence-based’ guidelines. Somehow a 5 to 21-year-old’s socioeconomic status is needed for research. Also, this,

“age- and sex-related biomechanical determinants of injury risk” (*Note: from what I can glean from searching, biomechanics deals with how strong or weak tissues and/or muscles are. See this resource for more.)

6) All the data will get shared at the liberty and direction of the CDC as per the Secretary of HHS.

7) A new federal Research on Concussions Commission will be created. Appointed members will be made by the President (5 people), the Speaker of the House (1 person), the Minority Speaker of the House (1 person), the Majority Senate Leader (1 person), and, the Senate Minority Leader (1 person). Each of the 9 members will be appointed for life. If the Committee members are already a member of Congress or employed by the U.S. federal government, they will receive no pay. Research and study are to take 3 years.


Warriors, I hope you can see the unintended consequences of this bill. HR 280, in my opinion, is not the best way to help our kids play safer sports or have safer play time, certainly not at the leading and advice from Gates-funded groups. Sports has already been ground through the CCSS Machine.

In my final article of this series, I’ll look at HR 425 and S 5. These concern education, our veterans and opportunities.

If you’ve missed the previous ones:
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Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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