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Huckabee: Iran Deal is Neville Chamberlain all over Again – Why Do We Have the Holocaust Museum?

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Published on: July 29, 2015

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R-AR) went into the teeth of criticism earlier this week when he appeared on Fox News’ the Five and tussled with Geraldo Rivera about the propriety of Huckabee’s comments on the Iran Deal.

To his credit, even in the face of withering criticism Huckabee held fast and argued that this is exactly the right and appropriate time to use Holocaust imagery.

Mike Huckabee: If we don’t take seriously the threat of Iran, God help us all. It is Neville Chamberlain all over again.

Three times I’ve been to Auschwitz. When I talked about the oven door, I have stood at that oven door. I know exactly what it looks like. 1.1 million people killed. For 6,000 years, Jews have been chased and hunted and killed all over this earth and when someone in a government says we’re going to kill them, I think, by gosh, we better take that seriously.

And for the president to act like there are only two options, either take his deal or have a war, we didn’t get the hostages out, they didn’t stop this rhetoric about wanting to wipe Israel out or death to America, I thought you’re kidding. This is it? This is the best deal? Why can’t we criticize it?

Geraldo Rivera: But as a Jew — I have to tell you with people who work in the Anti-Defamation League and relatives on both sides, it was inappropriate.

There are some places you cannot go. You cannot compare the slaughter of 6 million Jews to anything other than maybe the slaughter of the Armenians or something else in history. You compare it to a negotiation over a deal like this, governor.

It’s inappropriate to compare the holocaust to anything. If you start using that as a sloppily rhetorical phrase, you’re going to get in trouble.

Mike Huckabee: Why do we have the Holocaust Museum in Washington? Why do we have Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, which I have visited many times?

Why do we have it? No, no, answer my question, Geraldo.

Geraldo Rivera: To remember. To never forget.

Mike Huckabee: Why? So we never repeat it again. If we’re on the verge of repeating it again with a nation that’s threatening to do the very thing, how do we not bring up this language?

Huckabee provided a similarly strong response when Geraldo Rivera questioned him on whether or not the GOP may face a difficult task in responding to the Planned Parenthood scandal due to concerns about a resurgence of the Democrat “war on women” meme.

Is it time that we start asking what kind of civilization do we have that we would kill 60 Million children in their mother’s womb over the course of 42 years? We have destroyed an entire generation.

We have not done it because of the health of the mother. Quit even going there. There’s no health to the mother involved. This is a financial and a social decision in about 98% of the cases, and Planned Parenthood is in the business of providing abortion. We now know they’re in the business of selling baby’s body parts like the parts of a Buick. For god sake, can we not have the bigger discussion on whether or not it is okay to call ourselves civilized if we practice infanticide as we have for 42 years?

How can we expect the rest of the world to respect us as a nation that is civilized when we act like savages to our own unborn children?

It’s responses like that which remind us why we love Mike Huckabee even if he’s not a solid conservative on tax and spending issues. He sure does get the important life and death questions right.

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