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Huffington Post Won’t Expose the Evils of Islam, but will be Giving Those of Us Who Do a Bigger Platform

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Published on: February 10, 2016

Well, Huffington Post, like the fraudulent Southern Poverty Law Center, is ramping up a “hate list” composed of those they claim are Islamophobes. The reality though, is that these are just those who recognize that Islam is not a religion of peace and should be exposed for what it really is, a totalitarian political force in the thin veneer of religion. Our forefathers knew this and this is why they studied it so they would know how to combat the followers of Islam. However, though HuffPo means to brown beat dissent against Islam, what is really going to happen among those of us who expose the wicked religion of Muhammad is that they will give us a greater platform for rebuking their disinformation.

According to the Huffington Post, “We’re tracking Islamophobic incidents across the US because the only way to stop hate is to confront it.”

While I don’t believe we can actually stop anyone from hating anyone else, I do agree that hatred needs to be confronted.

With that said, HuffPo continues, “After last year’s terror attacks in Paris and mass shooting in San Bernardino, California — and amidst a surge in anti-Muslim rhetoric from U.S. politicians — reports about Muslims in America facing violence, harassment, intimidation and bigotry have become omnipresent. Many Muslims say Islamophobia is worse now than it’s ever been — even worse than it was after 9/11.”

Granted, I don’t think that physically attacking people who have done you no harm is right or just, the problem with what HuffPo is presenting is ridiculous on its face. They have covered for Islam time and again. They just cited instances where devout Muslims obeyed the commands of their non-prophet organization, birthed by Muhammad, in which those people obviously engaged in such hatred that they have engaged in the cold-blooded murder of people in California, Paris, and in countries throughout the world.

“It might be impossible to create a comprehensive list of discriminatory acts against American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim, but The Huffington Post will document this deplorable wave of hate for all of 2016 using news reports and firsthand accounts,” reads the promotion. “The breadth and severity of Islamophobia in America can no longer go unnoticed. Enough is enough.”

Yet, I don’t see Huffington Post making as big a stink about Islamic Jihad, the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, the designated terror group Council on American-Islamic Relations or the many atrocities of Muslims openly attacking their own people, Jews and Christians.

I also wonder if they will be documenting the vast number of self-inflicted hate crimes by Muslims, like the recent Houston mosque burning or the vandalizing of a mosque in California on Christmas Day 2014, or even how Muslims were up in arms over a fire at the Texas Islamic Centre warehouse only to discover it was started by a homeless man trying to keep warm. But like the sodomites, the Muslims will engage in the same faked “hate crimes” to make themselves appear as the victims.

However, let’s see what they claim are “anti-Muslim acts.”

They cited Ben Carson’s comments that Islam has an “apocalyptic vision” and is not a religion as falling under this category. Wait, that’s a truthful statement, not an act.

They listed Megyn Kelly’s questions about calling police when neighbors saw packages being delivered to the San Bernardino shooters’ house.

They even went so far as to list South Carolina Rep. Chip Limehouse’s legislation that forbids Sharia law as an anti-Muslim act!

So, can we ask HuffPo is they are for Sharia overriding SC law? They must be, right? They must be all for Sharia overriding US law too! I mean if they are claiming this is anti-Muslim acts and, “enough is enough,” then these people must be advocating foreign law. That seems logical, right?

Indeed, they do just that. They advocate the crime of sodomy, which is embraced in other lands. They are now advocating the Sharia and they have advocated various totalitarian means.

So, I say let HuffPo make these lists with links to the sites that will report on bills, articles, video and commentary that expose Islam for what it is. As my friend Pieder Beeli has rightly pointed out, all one has to do to get to the root of Islam is ask one simple question, was Muhammad a terrorist? The answer is an undeniable yes, and there is a 1400-year-old track record to prove it, along with the very text Muhammad left his devout followers, who continue to push this demonic death cult on the world.

I agree with HuffPo, enough is enough. Enough of the propaganda about Islam and enough of the scare tactics employed by liberal rags like HuffPo to aid and abet the enemy in their quest for world dominance. I also agree with my good friend Bojidar Marinov, who says in an article I highly recommend to you that the only way to defeat jihad is not with warfare, but with a superior Gospel! In other words, speak the truth! Christians, arm yourself with the spiritual weapons God has given us to engage this battle (Ephesians 6:11-18; 2 Cor. 10:4), but be prepared to use carnal weapons against those who seek to usurp the law and carry out the murderous commands of Muhammad.

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