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Human Rights Record Rivaling Spanish Inquisition, but Obama Lauds Dead Saudi King Abdullah like He’s MLK

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Published on: January 28, 2015

America has collectively kissed the decaying rear end of the recently-deceased Saudi King Abdullah, via the proxies of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Abdullah, who died Thursday at age 90 after a battle with pneumonia, was lionized by Obama on Friday as some sort of reformer, perhaps because he supported ankle-grab Arab Peace Initiative, which would have been so magnanimous as to recognize Israel in exchange for concessions – including pulling back to pre-1967 borders.

“At home,” Obama said, “King Abdullah’s vision was dedicated to the education of his people [except for their women, apparently] and to greater engagement with the world.”

Abdullah was called “a man of wisdom and vision” by Kerry. Hagel called the dead despot “a powerful voice for tolerance, moderation, and peace – in the Islamic world and across the globe.”

Give me a freaking break…

Well, we know that Saudi interests were instrumental in vaulting the insubstantial red diaper baby (Obama) to lofty heights in that his Harvard law School education was bought and paid for by Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal. This would at least in part explain Obama’s deference to the Saudi royal family.

But the fact is that the Saudis have been playing America like a fiddle for decades. Through several administrations, both Republican and Democrat, while pouring millions, if not billions of dollars, into Islamist mosques and Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S., the Saudis employed the diplomatic games in which whorish progressives in American government so love to engage. Billions in oil money helped, of course, to legitimize these practitioners of one of the most odious forms of Islam, Wahabbism, to American diplomats, lawmakers, and of course, presidents.

It made the Saudis “America’s friend,” which, of course, they are anything but.

We are, in the face of Obama, Hagel, and others’ words of praise for the old pig, expected to overlook the retrograde cultural paradigm that exists in Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International cites, “the death penalty, with more than 2,000 people executed between 1985 and 2013; the arrest, imprisonment and harassment of large members of the Shi’a Muslim community and other minority groups; long-standing exploitation and abuse of migrant workers by private and state employers; and continued discrimination against women in law and practice.”

Human Rights Watch reports“Under the discriminatory Saudi guardianship system, girls and women are forbidden from traveling, conducting official business, or undergoing certain medical procedures without permission from their male guardians… Women and girls remain effectively banned from sports within the kingdom, and women remain banned from driving.”

Since nearly everyone in the kingdom is effectively part of the royal family, no one wants to do anything, so there is widespread use of migrant workers, whose conditions and treatment are often deplorable. The rape of female migrant workers is quite common.

So… The pig is dead! Long Live the Pig! Or whoever the next geriatric billionaire in a white dress happens to ascend to the Saudi throne. There’s not a whole lot of difference between them.


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