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Humanist Group Lies and Bullies Oklahoma School as Teacher Offers Free Bibles to Students

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Published on: April 10, 2015

In sports and military conflict, we find that many will use the same tactic over and over again. They will do this until their opponent finds an answer to that successful tactic. This is the way the anti-theist and humanist has combated faith groups, and particularly Christians. This tactic is fear and deceit. And I, for one, can see why they continue to use these tactics. If we continue to give ground, we will not have the freedom to pray in our heads much less in the public sphere. This is the tactic that a humanist organization has employed in Oklahoma.

Christian News reports:

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A national humanist organization has threatened to sue a school district in Oklahoma because an elementary school teacher offered Gideon New Testaments to her students.

Now, what has caused this threat?

Erica Mackey is a third grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Duncan, Oklahoma. Last Thursday, Mackey reportedly announced to her students that she had several New Testament Bibles and asked if anyone would like one. Nearly all her students came up to her desk to get copies of the New Testaments.

Now, let me say, it would be of concern if the children received actual offensive material. However, the most troubling thing of all is that these humanists were taken at face value when they began to spout the reasons that what Mrs. Mackey had done was wrong. They just flat lied about the situation.

“Numerous courts have explicitly ruled that a government’s practice of assisting Gideons (or other entities) in distributing Bibles violates the Establishment Clause,” the letter alleges.

But this is not true. In fact, a legal organization has stepped in to set the record straight.

Christian News further reports:

In a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of legal experts argued that, contrary to atheists’ claims, “banning only religious community groups from distributing literature at public schools is clearly forbidden by the Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment.”

We, as Christians, have to begin to call these people on their bullying. Once we apply truth to the situation, lies will not be able to stand. We have for far too long allowed this sleight of hand tactic to overcome our attempts to do good. We have to begin to stand as many have.

“Controlling Supreme Court and Sixth Circuit precedent permits school districts to allow community groups, like the Gideons, to make Bibles and other religious materials available to students on tables in the hallways or school lobby pursuant to a neutral forum established for private speech,” the letter explains. “Indeed, excluding religious community groups from such a forum would clearly violate the First Amendment.”

Though these people want to scare us from any and all public sectors, we must recognize and invoke our right to these areas. We must stand on our faith and refuse to be bullied. We have both the numbers and most of all, we have Christ! He is a mighty man-of-war!  “He must win the battle.”


Editor’s Note: Feel free to contact the school and politely give your support to this teacher.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

245 NE Spruce Ave, Bartlesville, OK 74006

Phone:(918) 335-1177

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