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Husband of Mayor Who Wanted to “Reimagine Police” Busted Selling Cocaine

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Published on: May 21, 2021

I know some cops that Mayor Lovely Warren would really like to “reimagine” right now.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said she favors change. She told NPR that police are “a military organization that technically is supposed to answer to civilians. That doesn’t mesh well.”

Thursday night, Mayor Lovely Warren released details on the first draft of a reform plan for the city.

The plan includes petitioning the state to amend the Taylor Law to allow the city to terminate police personnel immediately; advocating for more resources and financial support for mental health programs; resizing the Rochester Police Department by reducing personnel within the next 5-10 years;

After dismissing Singletary, Warren brought in a new chief, Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan, a retired former member of the force. In an interview, Herriott-Sullivan described police relations with the community as “damaged.” The new chief also acknowledged resentment within the ranks after Singletary’s departure.

She nevertheless has pushed the force to be less confrontational with protesters, more patient in hazardous situations and generally more careful even when they feel the law gives them “discretion” to use force. “Sometimes we have to make this critical statement to ourselves: Just because we can, should we?”

Should we arrest the mayor’s husband? If Rochester cops can’t do it, the staties will.

The husband of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was allegedly peddling cocaine as part of a “mid-level” drug ring in the city, officials said Thursday.

New York State Police took Timothy Granison into custody Wednesday evening after executing a search warrant at a home on Woodman Park that the 42-year-old shares with Warren and their daughter.

Authorities said Granison was busted after an extensive sting operation that spanned seven months and led to the seizure of 2 kilos of powdered and crack cocaine, valued around $60,000, three guns and more than $100,000.

Granison has an armed robbery conviction from 1997. He was sentenced to five years’ probation, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.

“We’re not done charging yet,” Doorley said. “We’re not done with this investigation.”

She added that Granison “emerged as player in this narcotics ring” about three months ago.

“We would deem this to be mid-level suppliers and if you think about the amount of cocaine that we were able to seize … that’s significant,” Doorley added.

I should also note that Mayor Lovely Warren was lovingly arrested on campaign finance charges last year.

Mayor Lovely Warren and two of her political associates, including the finance director for the city of Rochester, have been indicted on felony charges connected to campaign finance violations alleged to have occurred during Warren’s 2017 re-election run, the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office made public on Friday.

I want to reimagine a Rochester police that will throw Warren and her entire clan in prison.

Fund the police. Defund criminals.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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