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Hypocrite Dianne Feinstein Actually Used To Say, “People Who Should Be Here Are Those Who Come Legally”

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Published on: March 7, 2019

As Democrats such as Senator Dianne Feinstein continue to support illegal immigration through the unconstitutional DREAM policies of the Obama administration and sanctuary cities policies of states like California, in a galaxy far, far away, Senator Feinstein actually opposed illegal immigration, especially in her state.

Years ago, Feinstein used to take an approach that sounds much like President Donald Trump.  Take a listen for yourself.

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Now, who is that?  Yep, it’s her alright.  Now’s she’s changed her tune without a bit of explanation as to why.

At that time, Feinstein claimed that there was a need to reduce the flow of illegal aliens at the time due to budgetary concerns and lower crime.

Since before Trump became president though, Feinstein has been advancing the pro-illegal immigration agenda.  However, at the time, she said:

People who should be here are those who come legally… We’ve got to enforce our borders. The day when America can be a welfare system for Mexico is gone. 

Well, that isn’t true.   It’s actually worse now for both illegals and citizens.

It’s not time to stop welfare just for illegals.  It’s time we put an end to it for citizens as well.  Welfare and entitlements are socialism despite the claims of President Trump that the US won’t be a socialist nation.

The fact is that we have been for quite some time.  We are a mixture of capitalism, cronyism and socialism, but make no mistake, we have bits of socialism in government and society, the large part of it imposed on the population in direct contradiction, and criminally I might add, to the US Constitution and the Creator’s command, “You shall not steal.”

The question for Dianne Feinstein and anyone else is, what has changed?  What changed her mind to go from rhetoric that sounds Trump-esque to rhetoric that is the direct opposite.

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