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Hypocritical, Unconstitutionally-Qualified Mark Rubio Claims Donald Trump “Disqualified” from Presidency Over “McCain’s Not a War hero” Comment

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Published on: July 20, 2015

Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination stirs the pot for many establishment GOP contenders. His unabashed, no holds barred speech, refreshing to many Americans, leaves GOP nomination hopefuls and those serving in elected positions frustrated and scrambling to cut him off at the knees. The latest entrant into the spectacle is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) who declared that Trump’s remarks regarding John McCain should “disqualify” him for presidential candidacy.

To recap, Trump stated at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit on Saturday that McCain, who recently insulted Trump supporters by calling them “crazies,” “is not a war hero.” Trump questioned, “He’s a war hero because he was captured? I like people who weren’t captured.”

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

In no way can anyone guess at the intent in Trump’s statement nor can anyone support or condemn it without knowing his intended meaning. However, an internet search (using John McCain tortured as POW and gave up information) produces many “hits” that challenge the idea that John McCain was tortured in the “Hanoi Hilton.” A few dispute his designation as a “war hero” as some claim, including a retired colonel who served in Vietnam, McCain divulged classified information to the enemy in exchange for medical treatment. In fact, some claims allude to a government “cover-up” regarding the activities of returning POWs that could be classified as treason. And, John McCain’s own track record in supporting POWs and their families and working to secure the release of veterans still held by North Vietnam indicate McCain has no interest in seeing these individuals return home.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Rubio asserted, regarding Trump’s statements, “This makes the assumption that somehow if you are captured in battle, you are less worthy than someone who isn’t? It’s not just absurd, it’s offensive and ridiculous, and I think it’s a disqualifier as a commander in chief?”

Rubio decided, on his own, Trump’s statements “disqualified” him from serving as commander in chief while Rubio, whose parents were not naturalized citizens at his birth, throws his hat into the ring while not meeting the “natural born citizen” requirement. It’s hypocrisy and the “pot calling the kettle black.”

According to

Host Jake Tapper noted that some Democrats have said Republicans were slow to criticize Trump’s slam on Mexicans who cross illegally into the United States after Trump said in his June 16 announcement that many of them are bringing crime into the country.

Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, said that he had criticized Trump back then.

“We have to remember this was a man who spent his life saying outrageous things,” Rubio said of Trump. “People kind of said ignore it and move on and it will go away. This is what he does for a living.”

Interesting. Rubio claims what Trump is saying about illegal alien invaders from Mexico falls into the “outrageous” category, but offers no evidence to refute Trump’s statement. Why? There exists ample evidence to prove Trump’s claim that many illegal alien invaders from Mexico bring crime into our country. While Obama, liberals, and illegal alien invader supporters banter about “dreamers,” the lamestream enemedia covers up the extensive criminal activity perpetrated by illegal alien invaders. Sure, there are a few token stories; but, the perpetrator is portrayed more the exception than the norm. In fact, Obama and his administration released thousands of illegal alien invader criminals into communities around the US and sanctuary cities harbor them with impunity.

Trump critics quickly jump to classify him as “outrageous,” “inflammatory,” and engaging in “ignorant, deplorable, and racist rhetoric” while supporters declare Trump speaks the truth, saying what many Americans are thinking, which riles establishment politicians.

Remember, Rubio supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal alien invaders, a form of amnesty, who became criminals upon illegally crossing the US border. As a member of the “Gang of Eight” immigration “reform” bill, Rubio makes it no secret where he stands when it comes to illegal immigrants and our current immigration laws. In fact, Obama endorsed the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill telling which side the Republican Senators who helped draft it lean.

As a reminder, while Rubio is touting the Iran Nuclear Deal now as “flawed,” Rubio voted to allow Obama to “do as he pleases” in regards to the negotiations, in essence, removing Senate and Congressional approval to an “up or down” vote with veto discretion retained by Obama. Let’s not forget either that Rubio’s popularity in the polls is in decline while Trump’s is on the rise.

Senator Marco Rubio needs to hear a few things before he starts whipping out criticism.

Senator Rubio, one should not need to remind you that Americans have suffered six years of lies from Obama, his administration and Congress, which you are a member. Repeatedly, Republican members of the House and the Senate shoved voters under the bus and given them “the finger” by crawling in bed with Obama and his ilk. Some citizens see members of Congress as traitors deserving full prosecution under the law for such activities.

The public witnessed inaction on the part of the House and Senate in holding accountable Obama and his cronies for crimes committed at every turn. Violations of the Constitution by Obama and both chambers have increased exponentially. Obama remains unaccountable for the commission of crimes, as members of Congress would have to implicate themselves as being complicit. The inaction of both chambers resulted in Obama attaining an almost dictator-like position over this nation. So, before you declare someone’s speech as a “disqualifier” to hold the office of the presidency, you should look in your own backyard. And, if anyone’s speech disqualifies them from holding office, one Barack Hussein Obama disqualified himself quite some time ago.

You pass yourself off as a conservative yet support Obama’s liberal agenda. You campaign for an office while not meeting the eligibility requirements, as you are not a natural born citizen. You, being complicit in crimes committed against this nation and its people by refusing to challenge Obama and his policies, violate your oath of office, committing a crime yourself, but declare someone’s comment as a “disqualifier.” In allowing Obama to usurp power, every member of the House and Senate, which includes you, Senator Rubio, are a criminal and should be removed from office, barred from holding any office in the future and tried for your crimes.

While Washington “fat cat” members of the legislature take money from “big business” and lobbyist to “do their bidding,” Trump needs not one dime from corporations to finance his campaign. Trump is beholden to no one for “favors” in exchange for campaign contributions. Trump indeed may be some plant to split the Republican vote to ensure a Democratic win as some suggest. However, Trump stepped forward unafraid to voice what he believes is truth. Make no mistake, Senator Rubio, Americans hunger for the truth after years of lies, deceptions, bait and switch tactics, political rhetoric designed to appease the public without having to produce results, and continued use of the worn out race card played on top of the “white privilege” joker.

Americans have tired, Senator Rubio, of their God-given rights trampled upon like garbage. We are tired of government persecuting our Christian religion by “demanding” we violate our beliefs for a minority sect of the population. We are tired of government spying on us and instituting a police state that would make Hitler and Stalin proud. We are tired, Senator Rubio, of the corruption, of the status quo, of elected officials making a mockery of our Constitution and the people. Not only are Americans tired, Senator Rubio; Americans are sick, sick and tired, of establishment goons, like yourself, treating the public with contempt, condescension, and patronization.

While Trump may not be the “man to lead this nation,” Trump has breathed a breath of fresh air toward the public by challenging the establishment and speaking his mind, without regret or apology for “offending” someone, which happens to mirror the thoughts of many Americans. Trump refuses to “follow the rules” and that is precisely why he receives criticism. So, continue with your hypocritical stance, Senator Rubio, instead of learning from someone else’s example. For as long as you remain without principles and a willingness to stand upon them, you, Senator Rubio, will be nothing more than a string riding the wind along in the direction it decides to blow.

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