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I Catch Those That Prey On Children & This DHS/TSA Bomb Squad Member Is The Latest (Video)

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Published on: February 22, 2022

The Florida PedChaser joins The Sons of Liberty to talk about his latest bust of a Department of Homeland Security / TSA bomb squad member in Florida for soliciting a minor for sex.  He says that his desire to expose and hold accountable pedophiles is due to two people in his own family who were molested and how he saw it effect them.  You’ll be encouraged, enraged and maybe even moved to support his work.

Here’s the Florida PedChaser’s video from two weeks ago when he confronted the Eric Dzugan, who works at Southwest Florida international Airport Homeland Security Bomb Squad Division/TSA, in Fort Myers Florida. If you want to skip right to where the confrontation begins, scrub over to the 12:00 mark.  Be sure to follow him on YouTube & Instagram.

According to Florida PedChaser:

This man messaged What he thought was a 15-year-old boy looking to have anal sex with him and to have the boy have anal sex on him as well. He had me go to different addresses for about 3 1/2 hours until he finally gave me the right address. When I approached his house there were four police cars in the driveway. When he messaged me he told me he was a pilot, come to find out he worked with the bomb squad division in @Homeland Security. This guy is absolutely disturbing.

Now, take a listen to my interview with the Florida PedChaser.

Now, many of you may remember the extensive work I did on criminal Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno and how that went nowhere with anyone in law enforcement all the way up to Governor Ron DeSantis, AG Ashley Moody and FDLE. You may also recall that reporting involved Amira Fox. Well, guess who is to be the prosecutor for this if they even bring charges against this guy? Amira Fox.. You may also recall that reporting involved Amira Fox.  Well, guess who is to be the prosecutor for this if they even bring charges against this guy?  Amira Fox.

So, to ensure the heat is on both Fox and DHS, you can call and let your voice be heard they they uphold the law here.

Amira Fox – 239-533-1000

Department of Homeland Security / TSA division in the southwest Florida International Airport – 239-590-4800.  Once that number is dialed, wait for the prompts and hit five to speak with a manager at DHS.  Be sure to let them know you are following the story of Erik Dzugan and also you want Erik’s superior, Gerard, dealt with since he made an attempt to criminalize the actions of Florida PedChaser and completely ignore doing his duty to take seriously Dzugan’s own confession to him.

Finally, you might wanna make a call to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and inform them of the video, which implicates one of their own, Erik’s son, in the same crime as that of Gerard at DHS.

FDLE – (850) 410-7000

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