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‘I don’t need a lecture!’ Nancy Pelosi angrily cuts off reporter who compares Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations to Joe Biden’s

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Published on: May 1, 2020

Absolutely horrible! The gall of this grotesque hag is truly astonishing. Only the American people can put an end to this open corruption, by voting the House Democrats out of office this November. Shame on much of the MSM for ignoring Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden. #GOP2020!

‘I don’t need a lecture!’ Nancy Pelosi angrily cuts off reporter who compares Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations to Joe Biden’s after the Speaker says she is ‘satisfied’ with party candidate’s silence over claim

  • Nancy Pelosi lashed out when a reporter asked about Democrats’ responses to the sexual assault allegations levied against Brett Kavanaugh and Joe Biden
  •  ‘Well let me just say, I respect your question, and I don’t need a lecture or a speech,’ the House Speaker said
  • She says she believes Biden’s denials because there was no evidence that his accuser, Tara Reade came forward with allegations when it happened in 1993 
  • Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexually assaulting classmate Christine Blasey Ford in the 1980s, which hindered his confirmation
  • Democrats demanded an investigation even though there was also no evidence that Blasey Ford had come forward with accusations at the time of the attack
  • Pelosi said earlier in the day Thursday that she is ‘satisfied’ with Biden’s response
  • Biden, however, has not responded to the claims or been asked about them
  • His campaign and some of his surrogates have denied the allegations 
  • ‘I’m a big, strong supporter of the Me Too movement. I think it’s been a great contribution to our country, and I do support Joe Biden,’ Pelosi said 
  • Tara Reade worked as a Senate staffer in Biden’s office when he represented Delaware and alleged in March that he sexually assaulted her in 1993 
  • At least three people say Reade shared the allegations with them years before going public

By Daily Mail, April 30:

Nancy Pelosi lashed out at a reporter Thursday morning when she was confronted about her reaction to the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh compared to her endorsing Joe Biden for president after he was accused.

‘Well let me just say, I respect your question, and I don’t need a lecture or a speech,’ Pelosi said, cutting off the reporter at her press briefing at the Capitol Thursday.

‘I have complete respect for the Me Too movement,’ Pelosi continued to the abbreviated room of reporters. ‘I have four daughters and one son, and there’s a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and be listened to.’

‘There is also due process,’ she asserted.

Pelosi made the comments after claiming earlier Thursday morning that she was ‘satisfied’ with Biden’s response to the allegations levied against him – even though he has never directly addressed the claims.

The reporter was asking Pelosi during her press conference how Democrats will explain the fact that they demanded an investigation into the allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s but not into the ones against Biden.

‘As far as Biden is of concern, how do Democrats square with the idea that they are essentially – they’re standing by Biden, but they’re using a comparatively different standard than with Kavanaugh when they demanded an investigation on Justice Kavanaugh when a very similar allegation came out on him –’ the reporter asked before she was cut of by the House Speaker.

‘There was never any record,’ Pelosi explained in her response. ‘Nobody ever came forward and nobody ever came forward to say something about it other than the principle involved. I am so proud – the happiest day for me this week was to support Joe Biden for President of the United States.’

‘He is the personification of hope and optimism and authenticity for our country – a person of great values,’ she continued of Biden, the presumed Democratic nominee.

‘And so I want to remove all doubt in anyone’s mind – I have great comfort level with the situation as I see it. With all due respect for any woman who comes forward with all the highest regard for Joe Biden. That’s what I have to say about that. Thank you,’ she said, then walked away from the podium.

Christine Blasey Ford, a professor and former classmate of Kavanaugh’s, issued a sexual assault allegation against him after he was nominated to become a Supreme Court Justice by Trump in 2018.

While the accusers allegations stemmed back to the 1980s, when the two attended the same party while they were both teenagers, Democrats still insisted her allegations be heard and that Kavanaugh be investigated before confirmation hearings commenced.

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Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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