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IBM Obtains Patent for AI Device that Claims to “Fact Check” Statements made during Live Calls

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Published on: March 17, 2017

From the company that was aligned with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, as documented in the 2001 best selling book IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation, IBM has obtained a patent on an artificial intelligence device that can verify “statements made during a call, while the call is in progress, data of a portion of the call is received from a telecommunication device used in the call, at a system over a data network.”

The patent application was filed on July 14, 2015, but recently came off confidential status with the US Patent Office.

According to the claims of the inventors:, the device is:

A method for verifying statements made during a call, the method comprising: receiving while the call is in progress, from a telecommunication device used in the call, at a data processing system including a processor, over a data network, data of a portion of the call, wherein the portion is related to a statement made during the call; subjecting, using the processor, a textual content of the data of the portion to Natural Language Processing (NLP) to locate a part of the statement that is asserted as true; extracting, using the processor, from the data of the portion of the call, the part; obtaining information from a data source; determining, using the processor, whether the part of the statement is validated by the information; indicating, responsive to determining that the part of the statement is invalidated by the information, the part of the statement as false in a result; and transmitting to the telecommunication device, while the call is in progress at the telecommunication device, the result, the transmitting causing a change to occur in the call at the telecommunication device.

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According to the patent, the device:

  • …detects a fact statement made during a conversation
  • These statements are detectable in written or spoken content by their grammatical construct of the form that is present in the above examples in the English language.
  • …initiates a capture of a call segment
  • …pre-processes the data captured from the call segment
  • …sends the captured and pre-processed call segment data for fact-checking… by using information from a source other than the caller or the called party
  • …receives a result of the fact-checking operation… may indicate that the fact statement is accurate and correct, or invalid, unreliable, or inaccurate
  • …indicates that the fact statement is invalid, unreliable, inaccurate, the embodiment applies the result to the call, while the call is in progress
  • …receives the captured and pre-processed call segment data… pre-processes the received data, such as by decompressing, decrypting, or decoding the received data
  • The data can include text, sound, graphical, or video information

The inventors of the device are James E. Bostick of Austin, Texas, John M. Ganci, Jr. of Cary, North Carolina, Sarbajit K Rakshit of Kokata, Indiana, and Craig M. Trim of Sylmar, California.

While the device could certainly be used for good things, such as exposing lies told by politicians or other people, the question one must ask is what sources will be used to fact check?  Will it be the via a former hooker and porn star or a dominatrix at Snopes, or perhaps one of those self-proclaimed news sources like CNN?  Perhaps, they will join hands with Google, which is already beginning the process of purging those who tell the truth about Islam.  I can tell you that it will certainly not be fact checking through sources that everyone considers to be credible and truthful.

Keep your eyes on this development as it may be the next step in the attempts to silence free speech in America, and the world.

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