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Iconic Iranian Woman Who Removed Hijab Is Missing #Where_Is_She ?

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Published on: January 24, 2018

Unlike the self-proclaimed, anti-freedom, anti-American feminists in America, who march for the “right” to murder their babies and demand you pay for their birth control with no real threat to their lives, Iranian women have been protesting the oppression of an Islamic regime.

One of those women, an unnamed mother of one, became an iconic symbol of freedom when she removed her hijab and placed it on a stick and waved it about while standing on a pillar box in Tehran.  Now, she’s gone missing and feared to have been arrested.

Yep, arrested under an Islamic regime because she dared to defy Islamic culture by removing her hijab.  That’s sharia, people!  Something that fake Islamic feminist and scoundrel Linda Sarsour promotes.

The Daily Mail reports:

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The Iranian woman who protested the country’s ‘modesty’ dress code by standing on a pillar box in Tehran and waving a hijab, is missing and feared to have been arrested.

The woman has not been seen since the video of her standing on the pillar box on one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, without a headscarf or long coat as required under Islamic law, went viral.

Thousands of social media users have shared messages, dubbing her the ‘Girl of Enghelab Street’ after the area in central Tehran where she staged the protest.

Using the hashtag ‘#Where_is_she?’, supporters have been sharing the video and images of the woman, demanding that authorities reveal her whereabouts.

Several tweets show the video of the woman waving her hijab.

Iranian President Javad Zarif was addressed in a tweet about the woman.

“Mr. Zarif, you said in your tweet “ our people have the right to vote and protest.” This woman the mother of 19 month child peacefully protesting compulsory hijab in Iran but she got arrested. We are concern about her ? what happened to her?”

If anyone knows of her whereabouts, please inform the public via Twitter via #Where_Is_She.

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