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“If a network system of computers was used to fraudulently affect vote counts…the results would look exactly like this.”

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Published on: December 20, 2020

And again, knowing all of this, I ask, who is in charge of making sure the laws are faithfully executed (Article 2, Section 3)?  I’ll give you a hint:  Joe Biden is not in the White House at the moment.  If you or I were involved in this, you can rest assured we would have already, at the least, been arrested and charged.  So far all we’ve heard from this administration is hot air. This is exactly why people are growing weary and restless with this story, as well as the other lawlessness taking place with no justice being brought to bear upon the guilty.

“It is important to understand, Biden ‘over-performed’ in ‘democratic strongholds’ – by the same amount he over-performed in ‘Trump’ counties as long as these machines were used.”

“Some or all of the Dominion/Hart machines may have been programmed or manipulated to systematically add five plus percentage points to Biden’s actual vote count. Again, the statistical significance level of these results is above 99.9%.”

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