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If Police Can Execute You If They “Perceive You Had A Gun,” Does The Second Amendment Exist?

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Published on: July 24, 2021

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The 2nd Amendment wasn’t put into place so Ted Nugent could piss off liberals in a horrible reality TV series, or so the Duck Dynasty folks could shoot their dinner. It was put there because the ability of a people to defend themselves is the only thing standing in between freedom and slavery.

In the ostensible land of the free, however, many folks are questioning the very fabric of this right as those who often practice it, end up in jail or worse. What’s more, you don’t even need to actually practice it. One only needs to be “perceived” to be practicing this right by police in order for them to justify putting you in jail or the ground.

As TFTP has reported, Daniel Shaver was the unarmed victim of an officer-involved murder whereby a guest at the hotel called 911 to report seeing a man with a gun. It turns out the gun was no gun at all. However, when a coward Mesa cop “perceived” Daniel Shaver with a gun, this gave him justification for murdering the unarmed father of two.

As we reported at the time, when Brailsford and his partner arrived, they began a standoff with Shaver for no reason and ordered the innocent father to crawl toward them on the hotel floor. Shaver was begging for his life, crying, crawling on his belly, then on his hands and knees. He was eventually shot to death by Brailsford when Shaver reached back to pull up his shorts which were falling down from the crawling.

As Shaver pulled up his shorts, Brailsford perceived that Shaver was reaching for a non-existent gun thereby justifying the brutal execution of an innocent father.

Mesa PD fired Brailsford — not for murdering Shaver — but upon learning the inside of his AR15’s dust cover had the words “You’re F**ked” engraved, a violation of police department policy.

Subsequently, Brailsford was charged with Shaver’s murder but a jury of his peers found him “not guilty” and acquitted him of all charges. Even with undeniable footage the Mesa cop killed an unarmed man who was begging for his life, the citizens on Brailsford’s jury were seemingly conditioned to give the officer a pass because he perceived there was a gun. In 2019, Brailsford was rehired before immediately retiring and received a pension of $31,000 a year for life!

Since Brailsford is still in his 20’s, if he lives to be 65 he will have been paid over 1 million dollars for killing Shaver, an action which supposedly now has caused Brailsford to be disabled according to the terms of his retirement.

This is a travesty of justice and it is based on the notion that Brailsford perceived Shaver had a gun. Since Shaver had broken no laws and harmed no one, however, even if he would have had a gun, he would have been well within his Second Amendment right to do so. Thus the question: if you can be killed by police in the land of the free for merely having a gun — or even being perceived as having a gun — do you really have a Second Amendment right?

Earlier this year, Shaver’s widow and mother of their two children, Laney Sweet started a TikTok account where she quickly found support for her cause —  #JusticeForDanielShaver. She has posted multiple videos on her account educating the TikTok crowd to the horrors surrounding her husband’s murder. Recently, she posed the very question above and answered it, and used her husband’s murder as the example.

“If all it takes is an officer to ‘perceive’ you have a gun to justify excessive use of force, then we have a serious problem in this country,” Sweet warned, “And we do, because that’s what actively happening.

“My husband Daniel Shaver was completely unarmed when he was shot and killed but because the officer said that they ‘perceived’ that he had a weapon, his excessive use of force of shooting and killing my husband — with an AR-15 that said ‘you’re f**ked’ on it — five times from ten feet away, while my husband was on the ground crawling and crying, compliant and begging for his life, saying ‘please don’t shoot me,’ that was considered justified.

“You guys, America, it is time to wake up. You don’t have the right to actually bear arms if all it takes is for a police officer to ‘perceive’ you have a weapon and be able to use excessive use of force against you. Wake up!”

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Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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