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If Representatives Are Truly Working For The People, Then Why Do They Need To Be So Heavily Guarded?

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Published on: June 15, 2020

“What is it that you have done to the people that you need to be so heavily guarded?” -Anonymous

There is a story told of a famous philosopher who approached the emperor after he realized that he was so heavily guarded.  He asked, “what is it that you have done to the people that you need to be so heavily guarded?”

One has to step back and consider the truth of what is being asked here, no doubt.

When you consider that, in America, we have a representative government and that they are to be servants to the people by upholding the laws (Luke 22:27), how is it that American presidents have gone from leaving office with a “Thank you for your service, Mr. President” to the insane showboating and high tech defensive and offensive tactics in which they are treated like they are kings? Today, it is as if we are now serving them rather then them serving us.

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When in Washington D.C., we visited and toured President Woodrow Wilson’s house where we were told that after his service, he was dropped off at his front door and told: “Thank you for your service, Mr. President.”

In contrast, they are now given lifelong secret service protections. What has changed?

President Harry Truman used to walk up and down the streets of Washington D.C. greeting his constituents without being threatened with harm and why?  Was it that he was faithful, for the most part, to what he promised to do in upholding the laws, in serving the people?  You know that he was.

After all, if these representatives were doing their jobs, the people would love them for their service and would protect them from harm’s way, if it were to come.

Today, what is it that we see? Taste testers, 13-feet jagged spear-like tips on the fence parameter of the White House, armed to the teeth military police, canines, weaponized secret service on every front, and the tank-like vehicle called the “Beast,” which the presidents travel in.  I mean seriously, if they truly did work for the people, there would be no need for hardly any of this. Who do these people work for that they are guarding them against us?

As the famous philosopher, one has to ask, “What is it that you have done to the people that you need to be so heavily guarded?”

Therein lies the obvious answer to why it is that they need so much protection.

Anyone that has their wits about them (1 Corinthians 12:10) have long ago come to this un-American realization and that is that they are no longer working for “We the People.”

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