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If We Honor Esther and Daniel for Breaking Men’s Laws, Shouldn’t We Honor Kim Davis for Keeping the Law?

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Published on: September 14, 2015

Kim Davis spent six days in jail for refusing to submit to a federal judge’s unconstitutional ruling ordering her to issue wedding licenses to same-sex couples.

Despite the constant bleating from the left about the “rule of law,” Kim Davis

Kim Davis went to jail for keeping the law, not for breaking it. The one violating the Constitution and the law here is the

Queen Esther approached the king on behalf of the Jewish people without an invitation despite the fact that, in her own words, “[I]f any man or woman goes to the king inside the inner court without being called, there is but one law–to be put to death” (Esther 4:11).

She broke the law by approaching the king without an invitation, and yet she is lionized by Christians everywhere for following a higher standard than the law of man. The Jews today still observe an annual feast in her honor.

And Daniel was incarcerated with man-eating lions for breaking an explicit and widely publicized law. An empire-wide edict was issued that no one was to pray to anyone but the king for 30 days. It was issued “according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which cannot be revoked” (Daniel 6:8). Even the king was bound by this law and threw Daniel to the lions though it tore him up to do so.

God came to Esther’s side and to Daniel’s. Both are regarded by Christ-followers everywhere in the world as champions of the faith, because they broke the law of man in order to obey the higher law of God.

Bottom line: If we honor Esther and Daniel for breaking the law, we should, without question, honor Kim Davis for keeping it.

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