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If You Want Justice Then Come and Get It: Here Is The Resolve – Impeachment and Prosecution, It Has Been Done Before (Short Video)

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Published on: March 23, 2022

“Justice the guardian of liberty” -Back of the Supreme Court Building

Instead of waiting for the powers that are tolerated to set the next narrative, the American people may be surprised to know that within the articles of the U.S. Constitution they have the power to impeach and to prosecute the corrupt (Article II, Section 4; Article I, Section 3 Clause 7).

Well, you may say that will never happen, but let me tell you it HAS happened, and on 13 different occasions.  That is where the people stood up as the embodiment of the law under God and demanded justice.  Guess what?  They got it!

When the people understand and come to the realization that justice guards our liberties, we can, and will, regain lost liberties while at the same time sending the message to those who want to wrest judgment that we will not tolerate the least offense, in any sense of the word (Proverb 16:6).

The short video below shows you why they have been impeached and to whom the power, under God, truly belongs.

Impeachment process

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