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Illegal Alien Posed as US Veteran to Defrauded Americans for Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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Published on: May 30, 2016

Scandal after scandal, all unresolved, has plagued the Hussein Soetoro administration. From the IRS targeting of conservative groups to Benghazi to unconstitutional action regarding immigration, this administration has proven its disdain and disregard for the law demonstrating a propensity to violate the law. Not surprisingly, agencies under the executive have “followed orders” to the tune of swindling the tax dollars of American citizens for nefarious purposes. From the Department of Health and Human Services’ Obamacare to the Veteran’s Administration, taxpayer money has been squandered deliberately as well as unintentionally through fraud without any sign the government intends to correct the problem.

Recently, an Arizona man, who had been receiving VA benefits, along with Social Security and other federal, state and local sources, defrauded the government by using the identity of a man who was deceased. The 69-year- old man had received benefits since October of 2012; however, upon further investigation by the VA, the man known as Ruben Gallardo was actually Rene Ortiz Quintana, an illegal alien invader. Posing as veteran Gallardo, who died in 1994, Quintana collected approximately $30,000 in benefits and now faces charges over his fraud, including seven counts of identity theft and six counts of forgery.

Reports indicate Quintana has been an illegal alien invader living in the united States for the past 50 years. By taking the identity of the deceased veteran Ruben Gallardo, Quintana was able to obtain an Arizona Identification card, “a state health care, a Phoenix health plan card and a VA choice card. The VA presented choice cards to veterans because of long delays in receiving care from VA hospitals. Moreover, it allows veterans to seek medical care at other treatment facilities.

The VA has been plagued with scandals involving long delays in providing care to the nations’ veterans and negligence indicating the system is operating in a substandard manner leading to many untimely deaths of veterans. Fraud has also riddled the VA, but this new form of fraud will need to be addressed.

Is this not par for the course for this administration and government in general going back decades? Is this not what many have cited as a problem with illegal alien invaders residing illegally in the united States – committing fraud against the people to obtain benefits to which they are not entitled or government allowing illegal individuals to access programs reserved for citizens? Here is an example of an illegal alien invader who happened to obtain information on a deceased veteran in order to defraud the system.

Just recently, Libertarian Party candidate for vice-president Bill Weld indicated that deportation was akin to “Kristallnacht” and as long as someone was living peaceably and working, illegal alien invaders should be allowed to remain in the nation. Here’s a good example of the type of individual Weld was referencing – Rene Ortiz Quintano. Quintano lived peaceably in the united States for 50 years and assumed working. Yet, Quintano committed additional crimes against the nation, after violating law to enter the US, through identity theft, forgery and fraud. It is with people like Quintano in mind that immigration laws are in need of enforcing. It is also an example of why “amnesty” for the initial crime of illegal entry is a bad idea.

Hussein Soetoro dictated that people like Quintano be given immunity from prosecution, told border patrol and ICE to look the other way, and flies who knows who into this nation from Central America and the Middle East without proper documentation. Citizens of this nation are required to submit to warrantless unconstitutional searches before boarding an airliner and jump through hoops proving identity. Yet, go to Central America or be Muslim claiming Syrian refugee status and the American Dictator will usher you in with glee without any paperwork whatsoever. Once here, you can fly to your final destination without being searched or asked for identification.

In the District of Corruption, upholding lawlessness, rewarding criminals, and engaging in criminal activity is the standard operating procedure these days. The Hussein Soetoro administration and Congress fleece the public, allow illegal alien invaders fleece the public, and violate the law with impunity. Violating the men and women who have served this nation as part of the armed forces is one of the most despicable actions these people have done. To say or even hint that an illegal alien invader, any to be more precise, that broke the law upon entry and committed fraud using a veteran’s identity is deserving of amnesty or impunity is treason at its root.

Enough is enough. It is time to let the House of Representatives know this is intolerable, especially since all are up for re-election. These people have lied to get elected and remain in office. Americans should send them a message of “no confidence” by not electing any incumbents back into office.

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