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I’m Guessing the Leftists Will Ignore Actual Anti-American Statutes Like Lenin’s in Seattle

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Published on: August 17, 2017

As the criminally minded Communists, Islamists, and Leftists in our country are in a need of a beat down after they have pushed to eradicate a portion of our nation’s history, I’m guessing that it has escaped them that real anti-American statues like that of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin is still standing in Seattle, Washington.

As anti-American groups and ideologies are to blame for the removal of Confederate statues in Baltimore, as well as destroying them in North Carolina, the real anti-American statues continue to stand.

“If one wanted to pull down statues of profoundly evil people, responsible for uncountable human suffering, this one might be on the list,” tweeted venture capitalist Benedict Evans.

The statues resides in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.


It was erected in the early 1990s following the fall of the Soviet Union.

A man from Seattle purchased the 16-foot statue and had it displayed, according to the Seattle Times.

A Facebook page has been launched calling for the tearing down of the Lenin statue.

According to the page:

A Fascinating & Narrative Changing Factoid About Vladimir Lenin:

Vladimir Lenin kept a slave!

Oh man, that is so rich with red meat.

Alright, he called her a ‘maid’, a 12 year old girl, who he paid 1 ruble per month, no doubt to mitigate claims of forced servitude, but it doesn’t sound voluntary or ‘equal’ to me.

He also kept her in a cage under his stairs.

‘Kept her.’ In a cage. A cage. Let that sink in for a minute.

From the documentary The Russian Revolution on NetFlix. It’s a good film if you haven’t seen it. Very instructive on the failures of Marxists-Socialists-Communists.

It’s also worth mentioning that in this documentary you see how Lenin comes from a family that believed in using violence as a means to achieve political objectives. Sound familiar?

In fact, Lenin’s own brother, believed to be his inspiration for continuing on the same path, was executed for an assassination plot against the ruling Romanov family.

While I’m not for the destruction of the property, the people in the area could protest loudly enough to have the statue removed, though it doesn’t appear the town is planning to remove the statue anytime soon.

“The presence of this sculpture has evoked a wide range of responses,” Fremont’s website reads. If art is supposed to make us feel, not just feel good, then this sculpture is a successful work of art. The challenge is to understand that this piece means different things to different people and to learn to listen to each other and respect different opinions. From an artists [sic] standpoint, all points of view are valid and important.”

Had similar counter action been taken in Baltimore, those statues could have continued to remain.

Apparently, Laura Ingraham has similar sentiments as mine.

Lenin intimidated his opposition, persecuted them, arrested them and executed them.

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

Additionally, more than 90 million people lost their lives under the tyrannical reign of Vladimir Lenin.

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