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In the Battle against the Left, You Must Become Your Own Solution

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Published on: September 14, 2015

We have reached a point in our nation where the apathy of a once free people, combined with the contempt in which our leaders hold us, has painted an obvious picture of which direction we are heading. It is hard as a patriot and a writer (a writer who has experienced firsthand the indoctrination process and vile attitudes of the far left, mind you), to sit down and write an article without wondering what the point is. The nation is lost, and there is no winning it back through the normal political process. Today, I wanted to write more about the Democrat Party, and how it literally seems as if they are still carrying out the same agenda of Margaret Sanger to eliminate the black population. The Democrat Party supports the abortion industry where black babies are aborted at a rate far higher than whites, for example. They also support the Black Lives Matter movement, even though they are calling for the death of whites while continuing to murder police officers. You see, they claim to support the minority population while enacting policies that actually hurt them, and their support of Black Lives Matter is only creating a great deal of resentment towards the black population. In essence, the Democrat party is working hard to keep racism alive and the people it is hurting the most are blacks. This makes perfect sense when you understand that communism is actually deeply rooted in racist philosophy. Its founder, Karl Marx, was a vile racist who had no regard for people of non-European descent. This is a subject that can be discussed at great length, and, in fact, I have discussed the racist history of the Democrat party in an attempt to educate people many times, so I decided that I was not going to write about that.

Often times, people ask me what the solution is, while going on and on about how they understand the problem. A lack of viable solutions is definitely a huge contributing factor to the sense of frustration the American people currently feel. I can tell you one thing: one of the biggest problems we have as a nation is the fact that we have forgotten that freedom requires personal responsibility and a steadfast commitment to the principle upon which liberty was built. This is a responsibility we passed on to others long ago. While we were watching football and our favorite reality show, we left the fate of the nation in the hands of people who have a plan, and that plan doesn’t include building upon the principles which made this country great. By now, we all realize that they intend to do just the opposite—tear us down and remake the nation in their own vision. We left the responsibility of educating our children in the hands of the government while radical feminists convinced us that it’s sexist and oppressive to believe a mothers place is in the home with her children. We then wonder why our children grow up believing in government and not the values we believed we were instilling in them. This certainly doesn’t apply to everyone; however, if you have been paying attention, I am sure you catch my drift.

Truthfully, I don’t know what the solution is. I have been writing articles for nearly three years now describing the liberal mindset and the tactics of the communist left. I have described over and over again an enemy that believes the highest level of morality as being willing to corrupt their very souls in order to create the utopia that they claim will finally bring perfect equality for all. How can you fight an enemy that believes it is moral to lie, cheat, and steal in order to obtain power? The answer to that question is simple: you can’t. Well, it’s not that you can’t; it’s just that when we should have shut them down, we didn’t; and now, the lies have been told so many times that they have become the truth in the eyes of the unwashed masses. This is where you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask what you have done to offer solutions. Do you remember the time when you were at work, probably twenty years ago, and you heard some outrageous leftist dribble coming from some Democrat you thought had absolutely no influence on anything, and you said nothing in return because you didn’t want to lose your job? We have all been in those situations, and that is why we lose. We fail to understand that the left has organized and agreed to put party over principle, and are willing to make every sacrifice necessary to push their agenda. You see, ideas have consequences, indeed; and so does silence. Every time you remain silent and allow the left to push its point without fighting back, you kill the opportunity for conservative ideas to spread. The liberals are relentless in pushing their agenda, and we barely defend our ideas because we are afraid of losing our jobs or drawing unwanted attention to ourselves. You simply cannot allow a leftist to have the floor and win any argument—no matter what the consequences and no matter how they try to shut you down.

One of the main themes that I have continually stressed in many of my articles is the idea that we must be just as committed to defending the truth as the left is to destroying it. We have all heard the adage about a lie spreading around the world before the truth can tie its shoe. Unfortunately, this is very true, and as long as we are distracted with entertainment and scandals designed to deliberately keep us in a reactionary mode, we will be unable to defend truth because we can’t find it. This is a consequence of allowing the left to control the narrative out of a fear of sounding offensive, which is about the only thing our current Republican congress has excelled at. Be that as it may, until conservatives are willing to put the fate of the nation above all else and make every commitment, no matter the consequences, to save it, talking about possible solutions is a moot point.

I took the oath of enlistment twice, and it was something that meant a great deal to me, as I understood exactly what the term “against all enemies foreign and domestic” meant. I didn’t go to combat; however, as I wrote in my book Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education, I was placed in a very peculiar situation where I had to make a decision to either stand for what I believed and defend the Constitution or to allow the lies of the left to permeate the soft heads of a bunch of liberals who would have never heard another espouse any sentiments of patriotism otherwise. I paid a heavy price for this: after five years of continuous education, I was deliberately failed for standing for my country and expressing conservative opinions. It didn’t end there, either, my friends. My writing has landed me in some hot water, as I have lost two different jobs over the past two years because I refuse to remain silent. One day, while at work, a man came into my office and told me he knew who I was and that he had been following my articles; later that afternoon, I was fired. Standing up for what’s right and defending principle can be painful, but if we don’t realize that saving the country demands that we do exactly that, we won’t save it. Fortunately, it seems that many Americans are reaching the tipping point. This is where I am asking you for your help. Educate them, don’t let up, keep it in their face, deliberately debate a liberal and make them look foolish for all to see. Find your natural talents and employ them for this one purpose, and don’t do it for today—do it for your children’s tomorrow. Understand that if you influence only one person, that one person may influence two. In essence, you must stop looking to others and become your own solution.

If there is to be one final push to restore the nation to a Constitutional Republic, it has to be now. The momentum is building and the point from which we will never be able to turn back is rapidly approaching.

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