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India: 32 Villagers Die In 20 Days – They Cut 5G Power Lines In Response (Video)

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Published on: October 15, 2021

A village in the Jaffrabad district of India, cut power lines to 5G towers after 32 of their fellow villagers died in 20 days after the towers were installed. They spoke out on video about what happened.

According to Prabhupada Truth:

This is a village in Jaffrabad district of India where 5G towers were recently installed (around april, 2021). Within 20 days of installing the towers, 32 villagers died! Their deaths were quick and unpredictable without prior illness. Most who died were between 40-50 years old as told by the villagers. The wife of one interviewee died without prior signs in one night. They demand these towers to be removed else they will burn them down. Thanks to the genuine reporter who arrived at the scene to report this unconventional story.

The 5G death towers are being installed all across India, including the rural villages. They are being used to kill villagers and then blame the deaths on corona. This will make villagers take vaccine, who would have otherwise never taken these poisons. Villagers invite telecommunication industries into their land thinking them as means of development, prosperity and change. But, they are soon realising the truth of these death towers, unfortunately the hard way.

Well, there you have it. It seems Indian villagers are making the connection we made nearly two years ago! I wonder why the World Health Organization and other “government agencies” around the world aren’t making the connection. Is it because they are stupid? Think it’s a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory? Or do they actually know and are paid off to be quiet?

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