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‘InterNational Socialist’ Leaders Leverage Islam Against Their Own Citizens

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Published on: February 24, 2016

Police in Scotland have arrested a 40-year old man over some Facebook posts which they say were “offensive” toward refugees. The Facebook posts were not released to the press and allegedly had to do with comments about Syrian refugees in a region of Scotland, where Muslim refugees have landed as part of the UK’s settlement program.

This individual is being held under Britain’s Communications Act, a piece of law – if one could call it that – which has gone through a handful of incarnations over the last 20 years, but ultimately served to criminalize politically incorrect broadcasting, public statements and publications.

Europe and Scandinavia are now teeming with Muslim rape gangs. Britain is dealing with organized pedophilia rings which kidnap British children – only white ones, for the record – and systematically rape them for pleasure and profit. Muslim professional Welfare cheats go on news programs and brag about how their nefarious practices are part of bringing down the governments of their Western benefactors through fomenting economic instability – all in the name of advancing Islam. This similar to the tactic employed by Marxists in the West, and one which was widely used by Obama cronies with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN); this aided in bringing about the global economic meltdown in 2008.

In the meantime, a man in the Netherlands was arrested at an anti-refugee rally for wearing a fuzzy pink pig hat because the government deems it offensive to Muslims – even though there were no Muslims whatsoever in the area. That’s what the Dutch police are busy doing while Muslim illegal aliens are sexually assaulting women and children, robbing stores and citizens, and causing a surge in violence as never seen before.

The incomprehensibly surreal bottom line is that according to these governments, speaking the truth about a raping, murdering invading army is more offensive than actually being a raping, murdering invading army.

In the U.S., as progressives cry for America to admit millions of rampaging Muslim scum and criminal illegal aliens, there are parties who contend that entry into the U.S. is a “basic human right” or some other form of entitlement.

It doesn’t take much focused cogitation to come to the conclusion that masses of destitute, uneducated refuse from Third World nations simply don’t have the facility to mobilize, out-strategize and outmaneuver the leaders of the entire Western world.

They are being used as leverage against us…

It is Western leaders who have loosed the Islamic horde upon their citizens while excoriating and imprisoning us for merely discussing the threat. As I have written previously, the instability that this generates is calculated to dramatically erode personal liberties and coalesce the power of the international socialist police state.

In the interest of preserving my own personal liberty in the short term, I’ll leave it to the reader to consider what should be done with leaders and governments such as these.

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