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Internet Just Crowd-Funded Release Of 4,358 CIA Mind-Control Documents

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Published on: August 15, 2018

And for more news you won’t get from the corporate-owned, CIA-controlled mainstream media, including Fox News, it looks like the people have been able to raise enough fund through crowdfunding to pay a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request fee for documents related to the CIA’s controversial MKUltra program.  The only issue is will the government actually turn them over or will the people, once again, have to crowd-fund in order to bring a FOIA lawsuit to make the government obey the law.

Anti-media reports:

John Greenewald of Black Vault, a website that publishes government documents, appealed to the internet for help after the agency refused to waive the $425 fee it was demanding to release the documents. Greenewald, who has been filing FOIA requests for two decades, had previously published files on MKUltra, a program best known for dosing individuals with drugs like LSD to research mind control. The program was shut down, and the documents were reportedly destroyed in 1973 at the order of then-director Richard Helms, but some were eventually released.

Greenewald filed his first request for the documents in the late ‘90s and says he didn’t hear back for years. In 2004, the CIA released some relevant documents to him via CD-Rom, which he published, but years later, he discovered thousands of pages were missing.

So, even though I paid for the CDs already, and they gave me an index originally stating that 100% of those records were on the CD-ROMs, they in fact, were not,” he said in his GoFundMe appeal. He filed a new request but the CIA is charging him $425 to print 4,358 pages of previously withheld material. He easily met his goal of $500 (to cover any additional costs and GoFundMe fees) with the help of just 16 donors.

MKUltra has been extensively verified — in one case, the CIA kept seven prisoners at a Kentucky penitentiary high on acid for 77 days — but many of the documents are not available to the public. Though the CIA claims the documents he is requesting are not related to MKUltra, and rather, pertain to “behavioral modification,” Greenewald isn’t convinced. “Whether or not that ties into MKUltra and mind control, which I believe it does, the CIA claims it does not,” he told Vice News.

To me, even though the government lies, documents do not,” Greenewald said. “And documents tell a very interesting story. That’s why I love them.”

He added, “We shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions.”

This is one more reason why the internet needs to remain free and unrestricted.  I’m sure outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Google are only too happy to bury this under allegations of fake news and disinformation, but that has only been coming from those who are supposed to follow the law.

When it comes to DC, even under President Donald Trump, from the Justice Department to the State Department, they have had to be sued by government watchdog groups like Judicial Watch to obtain documents that they should have complied with the law in providing.  Instead, they stonewalled, violating law and thumbing their noses at the people.

Whether you consider it a conspiracy or not, the fact is that families of MK Ultra victims have filed suit against the government over the use of mind control experiments and we know that a researcher in Norway put electrodes in people’s brains for the US government.  Some have even questioned whether shooters like Stephen Paddock of the Las Vegas shooting or Nickolas Cruz of the Parkland shooting were MKUltra victims.

Perhaps, we might just get to see the results of what our government has been involved in and mainstream media will be forced to actually deal with what has been going on rather than covering for their handlers.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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