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Iran Cheating on Nuke Agreement

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Published on: May 1, 2015

We’ve all heard the old saying that “the chickens eventually come home to roost.” There must be plenty of chicken roosting occurring at the White House about now. While Obama’s Keystone Cops have been working on the Iran Nuclear Deal and Obama has maintained that Iran is complying with a November 2013 deal, it appears that Iran has been developed a secret nuclear procurement network in order to obtain nuclear materials.

As the Daily Caller reported via Reuters:

The British government has uncovered a secret nuclear procurement network Iran has been using to secretly pursue nuclear materials, Reuters reported on Monday. The revelation shows that Iran has continued to violate UN resolutions even during recent negotiations to wind down the country’s nuclear program, and increases fears that the country is planning to cheat once a final agreement is reached.

The UK’s discovery was originally a secret, and has only become public because the country notified the UN’s Panel of Experts, a body that helps monitor Iran’s compliance with UN sanctions, and a confidential report from that panel was turned over to Reuters.

“The UK government informed the Panel on April 20, 2015 that ‘it is aware of an active Iranian nuclear procurement network which has been associated with Iran’s Centrifuge Technology Company (TESA) and Kalay Electric Company (KEC),'” the panel said in the report. Both TESA and KEC have been hit with international sanctions because they are believed to have ties with Iran’s nuclear program. In order to evade tight international sanctions, Iran typically uses businesses as fronts in order to procure needed materials on the sly.

Hopefully Obama has read the newspapers or watched the TV news so he can be informed of this latest development as he “only hears about it when we do” – from the news. Predictions made by many conservatives, conservative news sites, alternative media sources, citizen journalists, Netanyahu and some foreign diplomats have been correct – Iran would cheat on any deal. From the report, Iran has not only cheated on this current deal but has a “habit” of cheating to avoid sanctions going back years. Many individuals saw this coming due to the fact that Iran is a very strict Islamic government that engages in taqiyya. The only one that could not face the fact Iran would cheat was Obama.

Iran has just made a fool out of Obama, Kerry, and the United States government. They were engaged in relations with blacklisted companies to obtain nuclear materials on the sly while Obama paraded his mug in front of every camera that came close to him proclaiming “Iran was acting in good faith.” Obviously, Obama, a man who lies with every breath, is incapable of discerning truth from fiction.

A tentative final agreement was reached with Iran on April 2, before the exposure of Iran’s failure to honor the “agreement,” and finalization was to occur by June 30. This revelation of Iran’s secret activities regarding procurement of nuclear material should cancel all negotiations made thus far. With Obama and his silent film cops leading negotiations, it won’t be a problem to them and will proclaim that the “agreement” stands since Iran was only doing that because sanctions were in place that need to be lifted.

One individual has already come forward to suggest that Iran’s cheating is of little concern.

Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies told the Guardian, “It’s no surprise that Iran has continued procurement efforts for its nuclear program. The Iranian leadership freely admits it. But this has little bearing on Iran’s trustworthiness to abide by a deal that limits its program. It would feel an obligation to abide by limits to which it agrees, as opposed to UN Security Council resolutions which it argues were unjustly imposed on it.”

Wonder if he would share what he’s drinking with the rest of us. As it’s been said, “a man’s word is his bond”; unless, you are dealing with Muslims. What is being seen with Iran is their contempt for any agreement. They admit dealing under the table while negotiating a deal regarding limits on their nuclear program but argue they did not abide by UN Security Council resolutions since they were imposed unjustly. In dealing with Iran, every sanction and resolution against them is unjust. Because it is unjust in their eyes, they are justified in violating those resolutions and sanctions.

Fitzpatrick stated the key implication of this indicates “the need for new rules to regulate Iranian nuclear procurement consistent with the limits in the forthcoming comprehensive agreement.” He reiterated that “a replacement Security Council resolution will need to keep limits on procurement and to establish a tight monitoring mechanism.”

Just stop and shake your head a minute at that last comment by Fitzpatrick.

Iran is like Congress; they aren’t following the “rules” now so more “rules” (resolutions) will be additional ones to be ignored. Iran won’t allow monitoring now so establishing a tighter monitoring mechanism will certainly work. Not!

The inmates are definitely running the asylum when it comes to these “negotiations” and “deal-making” with Iran; but, that doesn’t surprise those who truly see what is happening here. Until these “head burying deniers” get their head dislodged from where the sun doesn’t shine and realize the problem is Islam, there will be no agreement or negotiation that will inhibit or stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon – if they don’t have one already.

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