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Iran Stalls Nuke Talks Again

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Published on: March 28, 2015

It should come as no surprise that Iran has out-maneuvered, out-smarted and in general, done exactly what Islamic governments do – lie. According to, the New York Times reported that Iran has refused to “commit to a written nuclear deal ahead of the March 31 deadline that American officials had touted for a general framework to be signed.” Once again, Iran has managed to drag out talks even further.

Breibart reported:

When the extension of talks was announced last year – the third new deadline in a process that was supposed to last no more than six months when first announced in late 2013 – there were two deadlines reported. One was March 1, 2015, the deadline for a “political framework agreement.” The other was July 1, for “final agreement including annexes,” according to a CNN report at the time. However, the political framework agreement was always vaguely defined, and later extended.

The West has attempted to negotiate with Iran for years. Iran’s refusal to obey international norms and treaties to which it had already committed led to six UN Security Council resolutions banning all nuclear enrichment activity.

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Congress and the Obama administration are currently sparring over bills to impose sanctions against Iran and the constitutional requirement that the US Senate “advise and consent” to a “deal” agreed upon between Obama and Iran. Much of the Iran deal being brokered by Obama’s Keystone Cops have remained hidden from Congressional review.

In a previous article here at Freedom Outpost, it was pointed out that the Iran “nuclear deal” appears to be going the way of the deal with North Korea negotiated during the Clinton administration. One doesn’t have to wonder if that is Obama’s plan or not. Based on Obama’s history, it is.

Obama cannot claim he was unaware of Iran’s past actions in refusal to honor international treaties to which it had committed. And, Obama certainly cannot claim ignorance of six UN Security Council resolutions banning all nuclear enrichment activity by Iran – all includes “peaceful nuclear capability.” All of this is public knowledge that has been reported throughout the years. However, Obama has treated current negotiations with Iran as if prior ones had never even occurred. Once again, Obama displays his support for radical Islamic governments by allowing Iran to stall negotiations and extend the time needed to expand its nuclear capability.

Israeli officials even warned the Obama administration that Iran would stall to buy time. Turns out, they were right. It seems Israel learned from the Clinton administration history in trying to negotiate with rogue governments on nuclear weapons; or, maybe, Israel has always known that Islamic governments, using the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya, have no intention of honoring any deal, treaty, agreement or negotiations made with “infidel” nations. Either way, Israel turned out to be right.

When the French government called this mess a “sucker’s deal” at one point and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed them an “historic mistake,” it should trigger a step back. But, as we all are aware, Obama barrels ahead with “his” plan regardless since Obama supports Islam and radical Islamic governments.

While Breitbart contends that Iran has played Obama for a fool again, Obama is not a fool. What the occupant of the Oval Office is doing is premeditated, calculated and in line with his puppet masters. Let’s not forget that his “closest adviser” and the one he trusts with “everything” is none other than Iranian born, communist, Marxist ideologue, Valerie Jarrett. This is the same woman who declared they were “ready to rule from day one,” that “anyone not with them was against them,” and it was “payback time.” After six years, it seems that Jarrett’s statement is an accurate representation of what this administration planned all along. Obama’s “standing with Islam” and supporting Islamic terrorists plays right along with all of this.

Iran has effectively bought more time thanks to our Islam-supporting Liar-in-chief. The deadline has been pushed out once again. With the track record of Iran to stall and the continual back-stepping of the Keystone Cop administration, it won’t matter what deadline is set as Iran has no intention of entering into any agreement. If Iran does, history has already shown they will violate it, unless Iran gets everything they want handed to them on a silver platter.

With Obama, Iran will get exactly what they want and US taxpayers will foot the bill for that platter. After all, Obama “rules” and this is “payback time.”

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