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An Iraqi Christian’s Plea to American Voters

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Published on: October 3, 2016

A plea from hell on earth. A voice for the voiceless.

“An Iraqi Christian’s Plea to American Voters: Defeat The Status Quo,” By Nahren Anweya, September 26th 2016:

For hundreds of thousands of voiceless people, the 2016 presidential election in the United States is a life or death situation.

Assyrian Christians, Yezidis, and other highly endangered minorities in Iraq and the Middle East cannot bear another four years of disastrous American foreign policy.

The Assyrian people are a stateless nation which has suffered centuries upon centuries of genocides simply because they are Christians. In this election, the American people will have the opportunity to elect a candidate who will put the country first and prevent future terrorist attacks through tough, smart foreign policy. That same foreign policy could also save the historical and biblical people of Nineveh from a holocaust.

I grew up under Sharia Law and have watched my people live as second class citizens. In first grade, I was slapped by my teacher simply because I was a Christian and she demanded that I stop identifying as one. I refused and ran out of the school, because I knew even at such a young age, that she had violated both my ethnic and religious rights.

Now—with the rise of the “jayvee team” ISIS (and thanks to President Obama)—my people are suffering more than ever.

Consider this: In 2003, the population of Assyrians in Iraq was 1.5 million. Today, the population is less than 300,000. The instability of the region has given a green light to radical Islamic groups to commit genocide against our people simply because they are the indigenous Christians.

ISIS monsters now give Christians and Yezidis in Iraq three options: convert, pay the jizya (Islamic tax), or die. The jizya is so high, that the real option is to either convert or die. With no means to defend themselves, over 200,000 Christians fled the Nineveh Plain. Numerous more are still missing.

In Qaraqosh, one of the largest Christian communities within Iraq, over 1,500 Christians have been slaughtered.

When the genocide began at the hands of ISIS, I was determined to expose it. I remember the day in which my relatives from Iraq had called my family in the United States. They asked us, “How can we stop these horrible terrorists?”

There is a way to stop them.

The United States needs to support the right people within the region, such as the Assyrians and their security force known as the Nineveh Plain Protection Units. Many of the countries that the U.S. currently believes to be its allies cannot be trusted. But, the Assyrian people can be trusted. They are peace loving people with principles and interests that are fully compatible and conducive to the principles and goals of the United States of America. Unfortunately, just two weeks before ISIS invaded Nineveh, the Kurdish Regional Government disarmed the Assyrians and Yezidis; leaving them defenseless against the medieval terrorist group. The United States should forge a long lasting relationship with the Assyrians and the Nineveh Plain Protection Units which would shape the future of Iraq for and better the entire Middle East as a whole.

The Assyrian Christians and Yezidi’s are in need of an internationally protected Nineveh and Sinjar regions under the central government of Iraq. These will be protected semi-autonomous regions for the natives under their own governance. Eventually, a large number of Assyrians in the diaspora want to return to their homelands just like the Jews came back to their ancestral lands. I just returned from Washington D.C where Rep. Jeff Fortenberry introduced House Resolution 152 which demands an internationally protected semi-autonomous region for the indigenous peoples of Nineveh.

The United States is the prime target for ISIS and Hillary Clinton will continue the status quo of blindly supporting countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar who propagate terrorism. Through the Clinton Foundation, violent Islamic nations have bought Mrs. Clinton’s silence with millions of dollars in donations.

Time is running out. Both Secretary of State John Kerry and the Pope have labeled what ISIS is doing as genocide. What are we waiting for?

My brothers and sisters, let us safeguard humanity together as one united nation. I miss the America in which my family migrated to almost thirty years ago. The United States of America is the strongest nation in the world, but do we think we are indestructible? What has happened to the Assyrian nation in Iraq is an example of what can happen here. Please help me save my people both here and abroad from ISIS and terrorism!

Nahren Anweya is an Assyrian American activist who fights to stop the persecution of Christians and fellow minorities in the Middle East

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