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Ireland: Doctor’s Daughter Got The COVID Shot & Look At What Happened That’s Being Ignored (Video)

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Published on: September 22, 2021

Some people just will not listen. A young lady, Imtiaz Ali, who professes to be the daughter of a doctor, took the Pfizer COVID shot and within an hour was experiencing severe adverse effects.

Hugo Talks reports on what happened to her.

She is blaming her government and the HSE for what she is experiencing and I’m guessing it was because instead of real informed consent, she was told this would be safe and effective.

She took to her Instagram account to document what she has experienced and it is truly horrifying.

The poor woman was given midazolam, her face swelled up, she seemed to suffer some sort of paralysis in the face and she had the continual body spasms we have seen in others.

Wayne Smith, The Man Investigating Midazolam Murders, Found Dead

And you know it’s the doctors and nurses giving these out that are the front line of dealing with genocide.  They are guilty just as much as the corrupt politicians who allowed this, the Mockingbird media promoting it and the Big Pharma fascists producing it.

She has a GoFundMe page set up if you wish to help.

Hi, I’m a 5th year medical student a week ago I was perfectly fine but I’ve suffered an allergic reaction to a medicine which has left me with no coordination and inability to walk. I have found a doctor in LA who is a magician at healing people who have suffered like this therefore I need to travel to LA from Ireland and I’m collecting funds for that.

It’s time we brought back Nuremberg and dealt with the whole lot of them instead of just a handful, don’t you think?

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