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Is A Euthanasia Program Underway In The US Under The Guise Of COVID-19?

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Published on: August 14, 2020

There is a growing amount of scuttlebutt among a large amount of the US population today who believe COVID-19 is being used as a ruse for a massive nationwide euthanasia program. This is due to the fact that we are told the disease is especially dangerous for people in their 60s and older, those who have chronic health problems, the disabled, and even certain races, the concern seems founded.

The very segments of the population to which COVID-19 is fatal are the very same as those who would be targeted in a government-sponsored euthanasia program. We only have to take a look at the euthanasia program of Nazi Germany to see that the very same segment of the population executed there at that time under the guise of euthanasia are the very same as those we are told COVID-19 is fatal to, today. The only exception now is the race.  Now, blacks are said to be more likely to die than other ethnic origins.

Since the whole coronavirus outbreak was the nuclear option for the Socialist Left to remove President Trump from office by destroying his main achievement a bustling economy, they have gone a step further and are now using it as an excuse to euthanize people.

It makes sense when you consider the Socialist Left wants a blanket universal health care plan for everyone and the total elimination of all private individual health insurance. As costly as such a plan would be, in the first place, logic would have it for them to have to get rid of the portion of the population that would be the biggest financial drain on the system.

Another aspect of a euthanasia program under a Socialist government would be the elimination of all those who are not productive to their society and are costing the government billions per year. This would include all senior citizens who are retired, those too sick to work, the mentally and physically handicapped, and the large percentage of the population who are unskilled, chronically unemployed, and are on government assistance.

Another sign that we may have a euthanasia program underway in this country is the testing and diagnosis of COVID-19. There are too many instances where people have been misdiagnosed as testing positive for the virus to later finding out they never had it at all. This was the case with Ohio Governor DeWine who tested positive for the virus, then tested negative just some 19 hours later.

Then we have case after case of deaths attributed to COVID-19 when in fact some even died from accidents, such was the case with the Florida man who died in a motorcycle accident who was listed as dying of COVID-19.

Everyone who has tested positive for this disease should take Elon Musk’s advice and get retested.

All of the talks of a euthanasia program currently underway in the guise of COVID-19 may very well be true given the similarities between those killed by the disease and the people eliminated under government-sponsored euthanasia programs elsewhere in the world, both past and present.

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