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Is a Secret Service Scandal Behind the Gunning Down of Former Secret Service Agent This Week?

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Published on: December 18, 2015

Suspended Secret Service agent Arthur Baldwin, 30, was gunned down in the gun free zone known as Washington, DC this week. He had been charged in a burglary and was suspended from the Secret Service only to be killed in what police are calling a robbery, but the victim of his burglary claims that it never would have happened if it were not for the Secret Service scandal.

FOX DC reports:

Arthur Baldwin died at the hospital Tuesday after he was shot multiple times in a residential neighborhood in Southwest D.C.

On Wednesday, D.C. police said investigators believe Baldwin was the victim of a robbery.

“At this time, we have no indication that this was related to his employment,” said D.C. Police Capt. Robert Alder. “We do believe some personal property was taken.

Alder added, “The only information I can confirm is that he is an employee of the Secret Service and we do not believe he was armed at the time.”

The irony in all of this is multi-faceted.

First, police believe Baldwin was a victim of a robbery. Yet, Baldwin was on administrative leave from the Secret Service due to allegations that he attempted to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house. He was facing first-degree burglary and destruction of property charges stemming from the incident. A short time later, he returned in full uniform, where he was arrested and his weapon confiscated. He later admitted to the crime and had his security clearance pulled.

Second, the fact that he was a Secret Service member and committed a crime, completely abusing his power and yet, is thought to have died at the hands of other thuggish criminals is also ironic.

A third irony is that he was a trained Secret Service agent. As such, he was without a weapon in one of the strictest gun controlled areas of the country, Washington, DC – a city that is basically a gun-free zone when one is out and about. Though he had admitted to his crimes, the fact that he was defenseless in the encounter that took his life should make a point: Unarmed people are nothing more than victims for criminals to take advantage.

Police are looking for three people in connection with Baldwin’s killing and offering a $25,000 reward for information.

Baldwin had served in the Secret Service for eight years, had a wife and three children and had recently been assigned to the White House.

He had appeared just hours before his death in court for the charges he received back in April. He was set for a non-jury date for 2016.

Baldwin’s ex-girlfriend said she was planning to testify on his behalf at the trial. Thought she complained that he wouldn’t leave her alone, she didn’t want him to lose his job. “He was a good man, an amazing person,” she said, according to WJLA. “He didn’t deserve that. He never had beef with anybody. All he did was work and take care of his kids.”

However, there was something else she said that has gone largely unnoticed.

WJLA reported, “She said Baldwin had no ill will during the incident and the charges against him were trumped up. ‘If not for the Secret Service scandal, this never would have happened,’ she said.”

Why would the Secret Service scandal have any bearing on what took place in April, or for that matter, what took place with his death? Doesn’t it seem a little strange that a former Secret Service agent would be gunned down in broad daylight and it be called a robbery in DC? Perhaps not, but the woman’s claim about the scandal, not mentioning which one, is enough that the incident should probably be delved into further.

This appears eerily similar to Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr. Harris, who was shot to death in DC after an employee of the State Department provided him passport information concerning Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama. I wrote about this in my article John Brennan: Obama’s Muslim Convert Stooge for Jihad.

Did Baldwin know something? Was he attempting to cover something up? Which Secret Service scandal are we talking about? Is it the one involving prostitutes, snapping a picture of the presidential motorcade, teen sexting, the Secret Service agent who took a personal phone call during a fence jumping incident, or the two Secret Service agents who were drinking and driving and plowed into White House barricades?

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