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Is Barack Obama a Murderer?

In a previous piece, I stated that Barack Obama had declared himself to be a murderer. This offended some folks as perhaps too harsh a word. But I was under the impression that putting a bullet through the eye of a man is, to say the least, a harsh thing to do.

I was speaking legally, of course, and I fairly labeled my statements as my own legal opinion. I was just trying to apply the Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land – and the Bible — the Supreme Law of the Universe — to the statements made by Obama and to the statements made by Obama’s spokesmen as reported by the media.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

In any proper legal analysis, one must apply legal standards. According to our Founders, the ultimate legal authority is what they called “The Law of Nature and of Nature’s God.” The “Law of Nature’s God” to which they referred is the Scripture – the Bible. They considered this to be the ultimate law book and God as the ultimate Source of law – the Lawgiver.

In that book – at Exodus 20:13 it says, authoritatively and concisely, “Thou shalt not murder.” Note that it doesn’t say “Thou shalt not kill.” In fact, the Bible recognizes the legitimacy of capital punishment and the defense of self and family and country. It is morally legal to take a life under certain circumstances. The question is “Have these circumstances been clearly and legally satisfied?”

My point is that there is nothing in the record that shows that they have been satisfied – nothing at all. On the one hand, the united States have not declared war on Afghanistan or Iraq or Pakistan and our military are operating totally outside of the authority of the Constitution in these places. So, in my opinion, there is no legitimate national defense authority by which American military forces can enter Pakistan without the invitation of the Pakistani government.

On the other hand, Osama bin Laden was not a fugitive from justice since no grand jury indicted him and no jury found him guilty of anything. In fact, the 9/11 Commission Report did not connect him to the events of that day despite the media’s constant propaganda indicating that he was a mastermind. This record is quite clear.

This is my legal opinion. I reserve the right to be wrong. If you think I am. Please tell me why at or leave a comment below.

Michael Peroutka

Michael Peroutka is a Constitutional commentator, former nationally syndicated talk-show host, and founder of the Institute on the Constitution. Combined with his constitutional forefather style of writing, what makes him unique from every other columnist is that he includes a VIDEO for every commentary he posts, blending the new age of video with the traditional written commentary.

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