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Is Hardballer Chris Matthews Supporting a Communist-Style Revolution Against SCOTUS Nominee?

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Published on: July 3, 2018

Well, if you have been paying attention, you will notice that the Democrats and their supporters are pulling their mask off more and more to reveal the Communists that they truly are.  The latest example is Hardball host Chris Matthews as he encourages an “almost like Spanish Civil War stuff” to stop any Supreme Court nominees that come from President Donald Trump.

“So I would say I think this is gonna be the fight of the century,” he told MSNBC.  “I think the Democrats have to say no way.  No one passes this line. I think it’s gonna be almost like Spanish Civil War stuff – you watch!”

“It’s time for Democrats to play Hardball,” he added. “I’m Chris Matthews and I’m urging them to do just that. There are times to fight and this is one of them.”

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Whoa!  So, to quote Daniel Greenfield, “So the Chris Matthews is for the Democrats to declare a Communist revolution, call in the Russians for help, start executing their own people for being insufficiently left-wing, go down to defeat, flee the country while kidnapping a bunch of children and stealing all the gold?  Actually, I think that is their plan.”

Matthews’ comments about the court being political and selectively naming off certain rulings while leaving off those that would demonstrate court justices who voted along his ideological line demonstrate what a hypocrite he is.

It’s interesting how short of a memory people like Matthews, Maxine Waters and others who are shaking in their boots because of another Trump Supreme Court nominee.  I’m talking about their little rules that the Democrat-led Senate put in place that required only a simple majority.  Remember that?

Back in 2013, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option to eliminate filibusters on judicial appointments.

There’s an irony that came with that move.  Then-citizen Donald Trump said that the Democrats would own that move.

“Since the Democrats decided to kill the filibuster, they now own it.  Republicans should keep the new rule when they’re in the majority,” he tweeted.

The move didn’t help the Democrats as they soon became the minority, and in 2016, they were unable to push through an anti-constitutional Supreme Court nominee by the name of Merrick Garland.

Of course, there were hypocritical cries from Obama, Biden and the Democrats at the time because they thought Garland should have at least been considered, but the GOP said they would pass on considering a replacement for Chief Justice William Rehnquist until a new president was elected.

Interestingly enough, it was Joe Biden who stood on the Senate floor in 1992 and said the exact same thing.

Well, that was fine when a Republican was in office, but when a Democrat was in office, Biden didn’t think the same thing.


Eventually, Republicans took over the Senate and advanced Trump’s first nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, by the same nuclear option!

They are likely to do it again with Trump’s next nominee who will replace the Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Well, Democrats, you’re doing just what Trump said, you’re owning your own choices in the matter, and if you people wanna try and start up a Communist-style revolution to stop the nomination from advancing simply because you don’t like the president, good luck with that.  I hope many of you would be arrested and charged with insurrection and treason against the united States, and we can begin with the instigators like Chris Matthews.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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