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Is It Possible That This Is What Is Really Going On In China Under The Guise Of The Coronavirus?

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Published on: February 25, 2020

I’m not a medical professional and have only limited understanding in that field.  While I’m not necessarily completely ignoring the news about the coronavirus and especially what is going on in China and potentially taking place around the world, I have always had it in the back of my mind that something else was going on, especially the timing of what is taking place with the uprising of protesters in Hong Kong.  With that in mind, a friend shared this with me and it seems to make quite a bit of sense.

This video comes from Joe Imbriano at The Fullerton Informer.

Joe believes coronavirus is a massive psychological warfare operation.

Take a listen.

Joe made a compelling case on his website about his conclusions that this has a lot more to do with 5g than the coronavirus.

If you have 10,000 soldiers walking the streets of Wuhan, you would have to quarantine them for two weeks after their first day on the streets to avoid them coming back and infecting other soldiers at their barracks.

So these soldiers are lost to the military for 14 days under quarantine.
You would need another 10,000 fresh batch of soldiers on the streets.
Another 10,000 soldiers
Another 10,000 soldiers
Another 10,000 soldiers
Another 10,000 soldiers
Another 10,000 soldiers
In one week you would use up 70,000 soldiers who will all be quarantine for 14 days.
In 14 days you would use up 140,000 soldiers before the next batch clear quarantine and are allowed back on the streets.

Do you know how many soldiers you would need to keep this up?It is impossible. Do you know how many cities there are in China?

You cannot lock down a city if this virus was real.

For God sake…they are telling us that hospital workers in complete hazmat suits taking extreme precautions are getting infected….yet soldiers riding the subways without gloves and breathing in recycled air and touching grab rails/posts….are fine.

No need to quarantine them before sending them back to sleep in their army barracks and eat in the Army mess hall with thousands of other soldiers.

Same goes with the police. Apparently the military and police are immune to this virus. There is no chance of them catching it from symptomatic and asymptomatic people on the streets and riding the subways.

Only the Slaves get sick…not those in slaving them.

Compete farce.

Why is nobody talking about this?

Every Police station in China should have been quarantined by now. All the police out there with no gloves on taking people’s temperature and returning to their stations…and the police are all fine.

The workers at the airports selling tickets don’t even have gloves on.

There’s lots more on the site, including what is taking place in hospitals, as well as an alleged family infected after sharing a hotpot meal.

Yet, is there something more sinister at play going on?  Usually, there is.

Joe adds:

This virus hoax is about killing traditional food markets and allowing the big Corporations to expand and get everyone hooked on a toxic western diet AND FORCE VACCINES ON EVERYONE.

Once they get everyone hooked and dependent on restaurant fast food and they can no longer grow their own food/raise their own chickens/cattle….the elite control the worlds food supply.

You have to understand that in places like China, Thailand, Indonesia…people still grow their own food and raise their own chickens etc. They sell this food and set up “Street Vendors” which is direct competition to the Big Corporation fast food restaurants.

The next generation of Asians will not be growing their own food,eating food from street vendors or going to wet food markets. They will busy on the their cell phones/Virtual reality and be buying every meal from Fast Food Restaurant chains.

Never one agenda with these Hoaxes. This pandemic fear pushes many agendas. Basically the total domination of corporations and banks over the lives of the people.

This “Pandemic” outbreak was all orchestrated to gain control over the food supply Nobody is talking about this. They are talking about Kobe Bryant.

They always distract you from the real agenda.

I guarantee you they will start to control food markets around the world because “They are breading Grounds for Pandemics” etc.

They do not want people self sufficient. They want the entire world eating their toxic food.

I am telling you know…they are preparing the next generation to not eat meat but “Beyond Meat” and “Cultured Meat”.

These elite have billions invested in these fake meat companies. Through propaganda and false flags/hoaxes….they will get the next generation to accept it all as normal.

Don’t eat real meat to save the environment and prevent pandemics etc.

And don’t worry…..they already have plans to slowly replace all meat in all corporate restaurant chains with toxic cultured fake meat and Beyond Meat products. They are slowly introducing it to the public now.

Remember these hoax pandemics have multiple agendas and none are good.

Finally, and here comes something that many have talked about in our own country, but some have not quite put the pieces together on:  5G

Take a listen to this disturbing video about what frequencies are used and what it will do to us.  Is this happening in China?





If you recall, 5G launched in China on November 1 of 2019, even though we are told that rollout is behind, and theories about 5G and coronavirus are being poo-pooed in the media.  That’s right around the time the coronavirus began to populate.

Here’s my question: Is it possible that there was both occurring at the same time?  In other words, was a weaponized virus released and also, did the reaction from 5G add to what is happening in China?  Or, is it possible that 5G is actually bringing these results on the people due to what they are consuming in their diets?

Obviously, the US has had its 5G roll out in place a lot longer than China.

Yet, even our own military is setting up quarantines at several military bases.  What is it that they aren’t telling us?

Meanwhile, coronavirus is trending on Twitter under #psyop.

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