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Is Political Prisoner Schaeffer Cox About To Get A Break?

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Published on: June 7, 2019

The story of Christian and political prisoner Schaeffer Cox is one that every American needs to hear and it is one that sounds like it could never happen on US soil, but that would be in a time long ago in our country.  Today, the corruption of government, the political powers that be and those in authority who have the power to set an innocent man free turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the innocent while sparing the guilty.  However, there may be hope for Schaeffer Cox.

In a  letter written on May 30, 2019, Cox expressed hope that he may soon be released from an illegal black site prison in Indiana for a crime he never committed.

In writing his letter, he also asked that Americans might help him as well.

Here’s Schaeffer’s letter.  Will you help?

Hi Guys,

The appeals court threw out half my charges, vacated my sentence, and are now sending me back down to the trial court to get resentenced. Hopefully, I’ll get a lot less time. If I got anything under 12 years, I’d practically be at the gate. My attorney says it’s possible. Justice would be for them to dismiss this whole hoax of a case. But if I can’t get justice, I’ll settle for some mercy.

At trial, the prosecutors lied to the judge, the jury, and the defense teams about how many informants there were. They claimed there were only two: JR Olson, and Bill Fulton. But just recently we got some heavily redacted FOIA documents that show there could be as many as 14 informants!

Why so many? The FBI uses what they call the “push-pull” technique to entrap innocent people they disagree with politically. It works like this: The FBI sends in a large team of informants to surround the target and start a bunch of rumors. Then they send in a second smaller team of informants to “investigate” the rumors that the first team of informants are whipping up. Once they’ve got everything stirred up real good, a prosecutor will go to his whores in the media and spoon feed them the salacious fake narrative about the hoax investigation. While this is going on, they put you on trial, the jury takes one look at the case, says “if there’s smoke there must be fire,” and convicts you. But what the FBI keeps hidden is that it was THEIR OWN informants blowing all that smoke! The entire Russia Collusion hoax was a “push-pull,” just like my case. It’s trial by show biz!

This is why the law (see Brady v. Maryland) says that the FBI and prosecutors have to disclose how many informants were involved. Because if the whole case was nothing but FBI generated theatrics, the jury needs to know. Otherwise, the whole thing is unfair, and must be dismissed.

But in my case, they went even further. After I was convicted, they continued to run informants in on me. They sent Terry Dodd in to steal my defense fund and try to bully me into fighting my appeal the way HE (and his FBI handler) told me to. I tried to kick him out of my support group, but the FBI had the prison tell me that if I did that they would punish me severely. Which they ended up doing, because I was not going to let an informant push me around, steal my defense fund, and force me to lose my appeals. Now I’m suing Dodd for the money he stole. And this prison is blocking me from attorneys, and refusing to send my filings to the court. It’s in-your-face brute force corruption.

The only reason it’s not working is because of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’d be buried alive if not for you. You have donated money which has allowed me to fight back. It’s made it to where my core group of helpers has what they need to keep up the fight when I am bound and gagged in here. You and your generosity has fueled this fight and it’s why we are slowly but surly [sic] winning. Thank you.

Just this last month we spent over $3,700 on private investigators and process servers to track down and serve several of these informants. We had the money to do this because of your donations. These informants will have to come into court now, and the truth will come out. Their FBI handlers will either abandon them — in which case we will make short work of them on the witness stand. Or their FBI handlers will stick by them, and have to admit to some major corruption. Either way, it could be enough to overturn my conviction.

They had to cheat to convict me. And now they are cheating to try to stop me from winning my appeal. If I was even remotely close to guilty they would not have to lie and cheat like this.

Will you please step up and help us continue this fight? It’s about time we had a victory. And this one is in reach. Would you please donate $35? Or if you are able, and you want to have a highly directed impact, would you donate $200?

Legal battles are expensive. But we are doing it the cheap way. I’m filing and litigating a lot of this myself. But I still need money for outside help. Your dollars are going to good use. And powerful people are taking notice. If I do get a pardon, we will have earned it through lots of frugal hard work.

I’m fighting to get back to my children and family. My mother came to visit me recently. She was a young looking woman when I came to prison. But when I saw her through the glass at that visit, she looked like an old grandma. She moved like and [sic] old woman. And for the first time ever, I saw a little fear in her eyes. She knows she’s getting old. And she needs me out so I can take care of her if something happens to my dad.

Will you help? I see that someone just sent $200 to my commissary account. Thank you. You are the real hero in this story. This story can be about how some Deep State crooks ruined an innocent man’s life. Or it can be about how the goodness and generosity of the American people rescued an innocent man from Deep State crooks. When you write a check, you are writing the good story that will be told.

I called my young son the other day, and he played the piano for me. I almost cried. He could barley [sic] talk when I came to prison. And now he is playing beautiful music. I’ve missed a lot of years because of the cruelty and deceit of our government. My son just needs his father back. I can hear it in his voice. I’m working every day to right that wrong. And the reason I’m having success is because of you. Can you — will you — double down with a donation?

Could you send a donation of whatever amount you can? If you don’t have a lot to give, would you send five dollars? Or even just one dollar? Believe it or not, those small donations make a difference. And then you know how to do it. So if you do want to hero-up and really save the day, you have dipped a toe in already and know how to donate. But let me tell you, when you take the lion’s share and send $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 you have put a dent in corruption. You have staked out some ground for freedom and justice in this country. You’ve defended American values in a big way. And you’ve delivered hope to me and my family.

“Life is mostly froth and bubble,
but two things stand like stone:
Kindness in another’s trouble,
and courage in your own.”

I have that poem etched into the wall in my cell. I will maintain my courage. But thank you for your kindness in this time of trouble. It’s the reason I still have courage. It’s the reason I still believe in good. It’s the reason I haven’t given up on America. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your donation.

–Schaeffer Cox

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