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Is Steve Bullock A Serious Presidential Contender or Another Empty Suit?

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Published on: May 27, 2019

The Democrat stable of bloviating socialist running for the nation’s highest office expanded by one recently as Montana Governor, Steve Bullock announced his 2020 bid for President of these United States.

As with any candidate, the question is whether Steve Bullock has what it takes to beat Republican incumbent, Donald Trump.  I cannot see Steve Bullock filling a high school auditorium, let alone packing them in by the tens of thousands like Trump.  Thankfully, we will never have to find out.

Where is Bullock?

 A phrase that was echoed quite often throughout the halls of the capitol goes something like this, “Where is Governor Bullock?”

As one looks at the amount of time Governor Bullock missed while in office in 2018, you wonder if Bullock will be around enough to do the will of the American People.

Courtesy of Capitol Whispers Website

December 6th, 2018– Weekend in Las Vegas on behalf of the National Governor Association, speaking about his NGA initiative.

November 30th– Spent 4-6 days in Mexico City, meeting with Mexican governors and businesses, as well as meeting the President of Mexico.

November 19th – Colorado Springs for a few days, where he  speaks at the NGA’s Seminar for New Governors.

Nov. 6th– Following the election, Bullock met with possible Democratic donors at various events in New York .

October 27th– Visited his cousin on the campaign trail in Iowa for a couple of days.

September 27th– Spent a day in Cleveland, Ohio, supporting Democratic leaders before elections, and getting his face out there in one of our nation’s early-Presidential-primary states.

September 12th– Had a late week workshop to attend in Pittsburgh for his NGA Governor’s Initiative.

August 24th– Living it up for a few days in New Hampshire, Bullock went to the Puritan Back-room restaurant, a “must stop for White House hopefuls”, attended a Democratic fund-raiser in the Hamptons, and headlined a Democratic canvassing-kickoff party.

August 16th– Seen for his second time in 2018, Steve was soapboxing in Iowa at the state fair.

July 21st-25th – Headed off to warm weather for a good part of the week, for an NGA meeting in New Mexico.

June 29th –Jet-setting back to the east coast, to Washington, D.C. for NGA Global meeting.

May 4th-6th – Washington, D.C. North American Subnational NGA Summit

April 30th– Speaking in Beverly Hills, at a multi-day global gathering held by the Milken Institute .

April 6th– Spent a few days in Iowa, where potential presidential candidates dutifully make appearances.

March 7th– Spent a single day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend a fund-raiser for state senate democrats.

March 6th Back again in Washington D.C. Bullock attended a meeting with other governors and President Trump on school safety.

Feb.23rd-26th– Away for the annual NGA winter meeting in Washington D.C..

Jan 12th– A couple days in Las Vegas, speaking at the State of the States symposium.

The Other Woman

In 2015, Angela McLean abruptly stepped down as Steve Bullock’s Lt. Governor and accepted a job with The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.  At the time, the move was considered swift in a political sense, as the transition from Lt. Governor to Higher Education was completed in a mere five weeks.

An e-mail released by Governor Bullocks office gives some insight into the issue, but doesn’t go into specifics:

“Just FYI. I am deeply concerned about the environment in which I am expected to work.” -MONTANA LT. GOVERNOR-ANGELA MCLEAN

Admittedly, the statement issued by McLean doesn’t provide an answer for her abrupt departure, but rumor has it that McLean walked in on Governor Bullock while the Governor was “involved” intimately with one of his cabinet members.  Although never revealed officially, the woman was reported to be Commerce Director, Meg O’ Leary.

Although Bullock, when asked, claims that he has never cheated on his wife, his trip with O’Leary in 2014 does raise some suspicions.  Here is a brief excerpt from a Newstalk KGVO article entitled, Governor Bullock Brought Meg O’ Leary to Paul McCartney Concert Instead of First Lady, State Plane Use Questioned

When the state plane flew to Missoula for the Paul McCartney Concert in August of 2014, Governor Bullock was joined by Montana Department of Commerce Director Meg O’Leary. Oddly, Meg O’Leary wasn’t specifically invited, but Montana taxpayers funded the trip anyway.

After KGVO News raised questions about Bullock’s use of state taxpayer money to fly to the concert, Bullock Spokesman Tim Crowe said the Governor was in town on state business for two meetings, one at the Washington Ranch, the other at the University of Montana, but it is a big stretch to call either of these meetings “state business.”

What Exactly Have you Accomplished, Governor?

When running for any office, save for the first time, a person’s prior record of political accomplishments becomes a vital part of any candidates profile.  When a candidate has successfully carried out the will of the people, they will frequently pontificate on their past victories as a spring-board into the next election.

When a candidate doesn’t have a record to stand on, they make promises.

In rounding out almost 2 full terms as Montana Governor, Bullock still struggles to name any of his accomplishments.  The illustration of Bullock’s embarrassing “memory loss” over his not so stellar record is highlighted in the video below:

Steve Bullock is not the Man for the Job

In fairness to Governor Bullock, the items outlined in the above article may not have been reported by those who are exactly considered friendlies to him or the Democrat party.  However, it now appears that one of the Democrat party’s senior members and Bullock’s own Montana Senator, Jon Tester has side-stepped an endorsement for him when recently asked on CBS’ “Face the Nation” broadcast.  An article by Newsmax below is followed by Tester’s snub of Bullock on video.

Article Link:  Tester Sidesteps Endorsement of Fellow Montana Dem. Gov Bullock

In summary, Steve Bullock will never be President of the United States.  I make that statement not because of my dislike for Governor Bullock, but because he doesn’t exhibit leadership, he doesn’t have a plan, he has done nothing to distinguish himself from the other 20+ candidates, he cannot name his accomplishments after 7 years and now it appears that his Montana allies are distancing themselves from his campaign.  Me thinks that before long Bullock will target the other Senate seat held by Steve Daines.  However, by that time the Democrat party will likely be known as the party of treason and spying and who is going to want to run under that banner?

Article posted with permission from Jim White

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