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Is The Government Planning A Food Shortage?

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Published on: July 3, 2021

Last year was a year that brought hardships to just about every soul on the planet because of a fake pandemic that separated families for a trial run in socialism. We still, after eighteen months, have Democrat governors trying to hold on to that absolute control over the populations of their state. California, Minnesota, New York, and several other Democrat-controlled states have the worst records in just about all areas, economics, health, immigration and so on which shows that the ideology of the Democrats is NOT conducive to the freedom or prosperity of the people. It is only for the elite.

I remember hearing that farmers were dumping milk by the truckloads because stores were limited in customers, restaurants were not open, hotels were not open, no one was going anywhere. I think a lot of them began donating to worthy causes instead of wasting it. But there are a few stories that are surfacing that could be very disturbing if they are true. Keep in mind we just came through the biggest voter fraud-filled election in the history of not just America but the world. The left is in such a quest for total control of the American people that they will do anything and even do it openly to attain that power. They were not fully successful in gaining political control so they may be working on a different approach.

The stories coming out are a little scary, to say the least. Keep in mind that the present illegitimate administration is not being run by Joe Biden. He has a behind-the-scenes cadre of anti-American low-life traitors that are bound to turn America into a third-world nation in any way they can. I believe that it will end in total failure but that is for another column. There are threats that there is a shortage of goods, all kinds of goods from food to clothes and other manufactured goods. This shortage seems to be global. Here is one of the reports: Bloomberg News reports that “suddenly,” the world is running short of just about everything.

Partly, that’s due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Partly, it’s due to lazy-ass people who are soaking up federal taxpayer-supported unemployment benefits instead of looking for work.

And partly — or maybe largely — it’s due to disastrous economic policies that are helping trigger massive inflation, thanks to Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers.

Bloomberg notes:

A year ago, as the pandemic ravaged country after country and economies shuddered, consumers were the ones panic-buying. Today, on the rebound, it’s companies furiously trying to stock up.

Mattress producers to car manufacturers to aluminum foil makers are buying more material than they need to survive the breakneck speed at which demand for goods is recovering and assuage that primal fear of running out. The frenzy is pushing supply chains to the brink of seizing up. Shortages, transportation bottlenecks, and price spikes are nearing the highest levels in recent memory, raising concern that a supercharged global economy will stoke inflation.1

Some are even trying to blame the non-existent global warming on the ‘shortages’. I can believe that the illegal shutdowns could have a little something to do with it but America is very innovative and has always overcome obstacles like this very quickly when government gets out of the way and lets Americans do what Americans do – produce. As always recovery from downturns are virtually always hindered by inept government policies. We saw that in the Great Depression. Though FDR wasn’t in office when it started there was an inept Republican in office, Herbert Hoover. FDR was, at best, just as bad. Recovery from that downturn really wasn’t successful until the start of WW II. I firmly believe that if they even remotely understood economics, he would have done something different. In an article written by Thomas Sowell when Obama was president, he stated: Guess who said the following: “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.” Was it Sarah Palin? Rush Limbaugh? Karl Rove?

Not even close. It was Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury under Franklin D. Roosevelt and one of FDR’s closest advisers. He added, “after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. . . And an enormous debt to boot!”

This is just one of the remarkable and eye-opening facts in a must-read book titled “New Deal or Raw Deal?” by Professor Burton W. Folsom, Jr., of Hillsdale College.

Ordinarily, what happened in the 1930s might be something to be left for historians to be concerned about. But the very same kinds of policies that were tried– and failed– during the 1930s are being carried out in Washington today, with the advocates of such policies often invoking FDR’s New Deal as a model.

Franklin D. Roosevelt blamed the country’s woes on the problems he inherited from his predecessor, much as Barack Obama does today. But unemployment was 20 percent in the spring of 1939, six long years after Herbert Hoover had left the White House. 2 We saw Jimmy Carter do the very same thing that FDR did and we had 21% interest rates and 19% inflation. And as we all know Obama did the same stupidity. Stupidity seems to be a Democrat quality if you want to call that a quality.

We are beginning to see this Marxist government take it up a notch lately and what they are doing, if it is verifiably true, is very disturbing. The federal government of the United States is offering farmers 1.5 times the value of their crops . . .  if farmers DESTROY those crops!  If farmers decline the “offer” that same government will stop all farm subsidies for refusing.

Hear from a farm family member: (Click Here)

You heard it with your own ears, directly from a guy who whose family owns a farm: “They’re trying to create a food shortage!”

HOLODOMOR 2.0 guys. It can happen again. The same people that have brought you 100s of millions of dead last century using famine are in power now in the US and most of the world.  They used food as a weapon in places like Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, and now they’re going to try to do the same thing here in the USA.


The Biden administration announced on Wednesday, 21 April,  that it would expand a program that pays farmers to leave land fallow, part of a broader, government-wide effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The new initiative will incentivize farmers to take land out of production by raising rental rates and incentive payments. 

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) was created in 1985 to incentivize landowners to leave some of their marginal lands unplanted, a plan meant to protect the environment by reducing agricultural runoff into streams and rivers, preserving wildlife habitats, and preventing erosion. Today, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) “rents” about 21 million acres of farmland from landowners, typically for 10 years at a time—a tiny fraction of the total land farmed nationwide. In recent years, the number of acres enrolled in CRP has fallen, possibly because USDA’s rental payments allegedly have not been competitive with the open market. 3

Henry Kissinger, whom I consider a traitor, stated: “If you control the food supply, you control the people.” 4 I believe that they felt they were not successful enough with the fake pandemic even though many will do whatever the government tells them to do so they have to kick it up a notch and attempt one more massive power grab. This ride might get a little bumpy.

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